Last Make of 2021 – Handwoven V-cowl

I have been trying to use up the yarns I made for making Christmas scarves now that I have finished weaving Christmas scarves for the whole family.  As I mentioned in my post about weaving hats, I was initially trying to make a neck cowl, but I got the length of the warp wrong and made a hat instead.  C’est la vie!  Well, this time I made a v-cowl.

IMG_1695The cowl is made in one piece using the no sew method and I added extra fringe. This was made with a 7.5 dent reed on a 16″ Ashford SampleIt loom. The warp is DK superwash natural white merino and DK acrylic/wool blend )red and green). The weft is handspun merino wool with extra bling (silk, viscose, glitzy). I have now run out of the white weft yarn.

IMG_1698This is the other side.  You can see where I joined the cowl.  I also crocheted an edge around the neck.  I am really pleased with how this turned out and will be adding it to my sale items on this blog and on my Facebook page.


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