I love books.  They are great for entertainment, inspiration and learning.  I will be honest in saying that I don’t like to pay full price for anything if I can help it, including books.  It stems from my upbringing where I lived near designer outlets and warehouses.  A lot of my books are used, but in very good condition or new and just very inexpensive.  I purchase books from Amazon, Ebay and other sites.  I like to shop around. I am going to list my books related to felting, but in no particular order.  I will put a star (*) in front of ones I really like and that inspire me.  If anyone has any recommendations for a book you think I should have in my collection, please let me know in the comments below.

****Uniquely Felt (2007), by Christine White.  Everything you need to know about feltmaking and how to do it with many projects.  You need this book.

***Felted Vessels, by Mette Oestman.  I believe that this is the only book on how to make vessels.  I love this book.

***Felted boot slippers – a thorough guide, by Mette Oestman. It does what it says on the tin.

***Creative Felting (2007), by Lizzie Houghton.  Although this book teaches you how to make felt and pre-felt, it is not a book on how to make a thing.  It is more about being creative and using color and other bits of fiber and fabric for interesting textures.  I have made a few samples inspired by this book.  Lizzie likes to use velvet which I don’t have any of, so I shall be scouring charity shops to add to my fabric collection.

***Felting Fashion (2009), by Lizzie Houghton.  What you need to know for how to make clothes and hats in Lizzie’s eclectic style.   Projects with good instructions.

***Felt to Stitch, Creative Felting for Textile Artists (2006), by Sheila Smith.  Very inspirational with some projects and lovely techniques.  I purchased this book to help with my artistic side.  I love this book!

***Embellish, Stitch, Felt (2008), by Sheila Smith.  This book is inspirational for using the needle punch (embellisher) machine.  There are a few projects in the book, but mostly there is guidance on how to make artistic pieces using a variety of materials.  It appeals to my abstract nature.

***Fabulous Felt Hats (2005), by Chad Alice Hagen.  I love this book!  From easy to complicated, you will want this book in your collection if you want to make or already make hats.

***Filz Experiment (2015, copyright 2009), by Annette Quentin-Stoll and Robert Quentin.  If you are interested in learning new techniques for felting texture, this is the book for you.  It is in German (not a problem for me), but don’t let that put you off.  It is a small book with detailed photos, so you should be able to figure things out. If you need help, you can always use a translator.  Highly recommended.

*** Filz Geschichten and Filz Spiel, also by Annette Quentin-Stoll.  Same format as above.  I was very excited when they came in the post!

**Fabulous Felted Scarves (2010 paperback, 2007 text), by Chad Alice Hagen and Jorie Johnson.  A must have book to add to your collection.  Some of the projects are quite complicated and may now seem to be a bit out of date on the fashion front, but I really like this book and dip into it for inspiration and techniques.  Where I learned about network felt.

**From Felt to Fabric, by Catherine O-Leary (2011). This is not a project based book.  However, you will learn how to make prefelt and nuno prefelts. There are lots of tips and images to inspire you.

**126 Tips for Feltmakers and Layers for Feltmakers, both by Liz Evans. These books are on CD and come highly recommended.  I have written a blog post about them here.

**Scarves and Wraps (2008) and/or Elegant Scarves and Wraps, by Jill Denton.  This is the same book and I ended up buying them from two different places.  So I will be selling one off at the next craft fair. I do recommend this book as there are techniques for basic felt making as well as nuno felting.  I have made a few with my own twist.

**Embellish and Stitch (2007), by Valerie Campbell-Harding and Maggie Grey.  Another book on using the embellishing machine and sewing machine.

**The Complete Photo Guide to Felting (2010), by Ruth Lane.  This is more of a reference book than a how to book, although there are instructions on felting, dying and needle felting. Many photographs.

*Creative Embellishing (2010), by Teresa Searle.  If you read my blog, you will know that I have an embellishing machine and this book makes good use of the machine.  There are some lovely projects in here and you can always substitute wool for fabric if you don’t have what is on the list.  Don’t go out and purchase expensive fabric just to make a project, use what you have.  The results can be interesting.

*Easy Felted Accessories (2006), by Teresa Searle.  I haven’t made a project from this book yet, but I enjoyed reading it and might try some of the felted knit projects where items are made with shrunken jumpers or knits you make yourself.

*Artisan Felting Wearable Art (2019), by Jenny Hill.  Although I haven’t yet tried any of the projects in this book, it is worth having for the nuno felted scarf project alone as Jenny takes you through step by step.  There are some nice tips in here and there are other projects I would like to try like making a vest.  The only reason I haven’t made the scarf yet is that I don’t have the correct weight of wool in the colors I want to use.  You don’t have to use the same colors or designs and there are template designs that can be adapted.

*Felt Without Seams – Making Hollow Forms (book 2) (2002), by Sheila Smith.  This pamphlet shows how to make bags, hats and boots.  If you are a fan of Sheila Smith, as I am, this is one for the collection and a great reference tool for working over a resist. I purchased it for £1.00, a bargain!

*Textile Art (A practical and inspirational guide to manipulating, colouring and embellishing fabrics (2006, copyright 2002), by Apple Press.  From sewing, felting, painting, you name it, if you like working with fabric, there are many techniques here to try to make interesting items for artwork or clothing.

Nuno Nouveau (2007), by Liz Clay.  I recently purchased this book to learn more about nuno felting and is where I got the idea to felt on cotton muslin.  Some projects look easy to do and some look quite complicated.  There aren’t very many books about nuno felting.

Felted Bags, Boots and Other Things (2010, first published in 2006), by Cendrine Armani.  There are many projects here and I will probably try some, but I think I shall skip the way the layout of the wool is presented, which is a bit heavy handed.  If you are an experienced felter, you can adapt to your own method as techniques have evolved slightly.

How to Make Felt For Clothing (2006), by Charlotte Buch. This is more like a pamphlet with about 30 pages. There are no photographs, just a few illustrations.  This was so cheap, it had to be purchased.

Feltmaking (2003, first published 2000), by Deborah McGavock and Christine Lewis.  Not the best book on feltmaking, but it was originally published in 2000 when there probably wouldn’t have been many books out on feltmaking.  It was cheap and so I purchased it out of curiosity.  I liked the cover.

Complete Feltmaking, by Gillian Harris. There are many great ideas here, but now that I know how to wet felt, I would most likely make adjustments such as adding extra layers for bags and not make felted boots on a last and adding a higher percentage for shrinkage on hats and other items as I do like my pieces quite well felted.  Before purchasing this book, I would suggest that you watch her YouTube videos first.  Please note that I had also done a hat workshop with Gillian that I wrote about on this blog.

Felting Fabulous Flowers, by Gillian Harris. Needle and wet felting flowers.


****Creating Felt Pictures (2018, first printed 2012), by Andrea Hunter.  I so love this book and her work.  I came across the book totally by accident while browsing in Amazon.  Andrea Hunter’s work does not rely on using the sewing machine as many felt artists do, but just the wool.  I think that is why this book appeals to me so much.  There are so many ways to felt paintings and this way is by far my favorite.

**Creating Felt Artwork (2017), by Annie & Lyn (Rosiepink).  This book is written by a mother and daughter team.  They will teach you how to wet felt wool paintings and more.  Their website has free wet felting tutorials and you can download wet felting projects for a small fee.  Highly recommended.

*Felt and Stitch, Flowers in Felt and Stitch, and The Art of Moy Mackay, by Moy Mackay.  Moy is a very accomplished felt painter using wet felting techniques combined with needle felting and free-motion stitching on the sewing machine.  Her books are great for inspiration and there are many felt painters emulating this technique.  I personally suck at free-motion stitching and I don’t think my 33+ year old sewing machine is cut out for it.  Since I am not prepared to upgrade a perfectly functional sewing machine to make art, I am looking at other ways. In any event, the books are worth having to look at for perspective, color combinations and techniques.

Felt and Fibre Art (2015), by Val Hughes. Hmmm!  There was only one project here that inspired me to make anything and that was the seascape.  This book is more about the artist and what inspired her to make the pieces for the tutorials.  Not really my style, but there wasn’t much info when I ordered and it was cheap.


Needle Felting – to the Point (2010), by Harlan.  This is a very good book for a beginner, starting by needle felting basic shapes, then putting together to make a thing.

Needle Felting – to the Point 2 (2011), by Harlan.  This is for when things go wrong.

Little Felted Dogs, by Saori Yamazaki.  A needle felting book.  I haven’t read this book.  My daughter bought this for me for Christmas 2019 after I got hooked on wet felting.  I think she was trying to tell me something as she included a gift voucher for World of Wool.

It’s a Small World Felted Friends (2016), by Sachiko Susa.  This is a lovely book suitable for beginners.  No armatures are used here and there are templates to work from.  I made a teddy bear from this book and blogged about it.

Making Needle Felted Animals (2017, first printed 2015), by Steffi Stern and Sophie Buckley.  One of the first needle felting books I purchased and probably not a great one for an absolute beginner.  I lost the will to live when trying to make the cat.  I would maybe recommend the Needle Felting – to the Point books first and maybe this one afterwards.