Weaving A Christmas Hat

I wanted to weave a hat.  How hard is that, right?  Well, if you google woven, hand woven or how to weave, hats, you get images of people weaving hats with palm, grass and other things like that.  You need to google hand woven Saori hat.  You get so many images then.  Not many people are willing to share how this is done, as there were no written instructions, and Saori people are really secretive.

I came across this blog which led me to the Texture issue of Ply magazine.  I think it is a great magazine and have given myself a digital  subscription to it.  You can also download previous issues.  You might also find a PDF for No Sew Saori Hat Instructions if you google.  I personally found some parts confusing, but between the blog, PDF and the article in Ply magazine, I managed this below.


I am going to say right now that this was not supposed to be a hat.  I was going to make a neck cowl and for some reason I forgot to calculate extra for waste as I was making a different type of cowl than I usually make, but I had enough for a hat.  I don’t know why, but even when I relax the tension on my loom, I still didn’t have an accurate measurement and had to loosen the whole piece to work out my length (which was going to be my circumference).

I used a 7.5 dent reed on my 16 inch Ashford SampleIt.  I warped the whole width with DK undyed superwash merino wool and used my handspun merino yarns with bling for weft.  You do not hemstitch or add leader or waste yarn.  I did add a hemstitch at the start as I was initially making a scarf, so I had to take it out.  When you take the woven fabric off of the loom, you go straight into the hat making.  There are things you can do to make adjustments if it is a bit big.  Mine fits me perfectly.  It will most likely stretch over time, but that is an easy fix.

The hubs liked my hat so much that he asked me to make him one, so I did.  It matches his scarf.


For his hat I measured his felted beanie as a template for the finished size.  The thing about the hat I made for myself above is that it is on the long side, but I decided to make this one shorter.  I tried it on and I do prefer the hat shorter.  I put a few stitches in the top of the gather to close the hole.  I also braided this one slightly differently also.  I braided before I pulled up the warp threads on the sides  This was a lot easier.  My husband is also happy because he can wear his glasses with this hat as it isn’t too snug around his head.

There are other possibilities for weaving hats and my mind is bursting with them.  In any event, we are both sorted for Christmas next year! 🙂

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