About Me

I am an American having lived in the UK for over 30 years.  My life is ever changing and evolving.  Having spent a large part of my adult life raising a family, I am coming into my own and developing my creativity in ways that I never would have imagined or thought possible.

This blog is called Adventures in Felt.  I discovered the joy of needle felting in March 2019.  I then moved on to wet felting paintings, then vessels, hats and so on.  I really don’t know how I never knew about this wonderful craft of making things out of little bits of wool.  I used to paint, and now I felt.  I am interested in making things that are beautiful and that have a purpose.  Please follow me on my journey and adventures in felt.  My previous blog has more info about me and was basically started as a journal in 2008: https://arlenetoth.wordpress.com/