End of 2021 Craft Update

Here is my end of 2021 craft update.  Because of the lack of work due to covid, I had a lot of free time on my hands.  I shall get right to it.


Misc Felting 2021I only wet felted two things since the end of June.  I wet felted a pair of placemats to go with some coasters for my eldest son for his new flat and I wet felted a wreath just before Christmas.  I do plan on wet felting in 2022, but only to work on some classes I purchased and I have another Christmas thing I want to try.


IMG_E1608I finally finished off these hand warmers that I started last year.  I have also misplaced/lost one.  And then I found a pair of cashmere gloves in the car park at the supermarket that were filthy and looked like someone drove their car over it a few times.  I took them home and gave them a good wash and they look great now.


Spinning and Knitting 2021I spun a shedload of fiber.  I can’t count them.  I have been working through my stash and trying new ones.  My goal is to spin/use up all the fiber in my stash before I die.  I am not allowed to buy any more fiber.  However, I will purchase yarns from the charity shops if I find something I would use.


Weaving 2021I wove a lot of scarves and neck cowls.  I have (designated) given most of them away as presents for birthdays and Christmas and some of them are for sale.  This is the last item I wove in 2021.


I will be focusing on weaving and spinning in the future as I really love it and find it relaxing.  Spinning and weaving is less messy than wet felting and doesn’t take up a lot of space.  I can also do it and watch TV at the same time.  I have also found that my family is more open to wearing woven items compared to wet felted ones.  My husband certainly prefers his woven hat over the wet felted one as he can wear his glasses with it more comfortably.  I have sold a few items on eBay this year and reduced prices to reduce wet felted stock more quickly as I need the space.  There still have not been any craft fairs due to lockdowns, but I never started any of these crafts to make money in the first place.  I really just need an outlet for my creativity and because I like to make things.  Anything that gets sold is a bonus.

I am really grateful to my friend Anna who taught me how to spin and for all the books and videos available that inspired me to weave.  The spinning and weaving community on Facebook are really supportive and helpful. Now that the Guild is sort of up and running again, it has been lovely to reconnect and learn new things from others and to be able to share some of what I know.

Although 2021 has still not been ideal due to covid and having a lot of restrictions in place, it has been really good for learning new things and I am all about doing that.  I am hoping that 2022 will be better for all.  Take care and happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “End of 2021 Craft Update

  1. The collage photos are wonderful! I also have a lifetime of fiber waiting to spin, but somehow I am still occasionally tempted to buy a small amount of something unique to blend together with something I already have.

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