Spinning With Gotland and Locks

I received the last bit of my order from Benridge Woolworks.  I received 80g of carded Gotland.  I had spun some of this before, but I really didn’t get a large amount the first time.   As before, the batt was soft and full of VM.  I spent a fair amount of time picking it out before spinning.


I wanted to do something different with the Gotland.  In May of this year, I had ordered some Gotland locks for felting with.   As I have still not felted with them, I decided to use some of them for spinning.  Before I attempted it, I watched a few videos on YouTube on how to do it.  There are a few ways.  I am not a stranger to spinning with locks as I have added them to carded batts, but these Gotland locks were a bit more luxurious compared to what I have used before.  This is what I was going to use.


Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do with locks when they are like this.  They need to be pulled apart.


It took me some time to pull the locks apart.  There was a bit of waste that really wasn’t worth saving as the fibers were too short.  Spinning with locks can be tricky and it definitely is not quick, especially when you are picking out VM as you go.  I decided that I would ply the Gotland single with a single of Merino humbug from World of Wool.  I was hoping that I might be able to use the resulting yarn in a scarf, even if it was going to be near the ends and not next to the skin.  I decided to spin the Gotland batt until I ran out of locks.  When I ran out of locks, I carried on spinning until I finished the batt.  I wound the single on the ball winder until I got to the locks on the bobbin and then I plied it with the merino.


This is my single.  You can see it is really twisted in some places.  This does come out in plying.  You do need to untwist these sections and then release so it plies automatically.  Those sections were really thin.


Here we are all plied with the merino and sitting on the niddy noddy.  I really love the look of it and the beauty of the twists in the locks.


I left the yarn on here for a couple of days as I just finished plying this on Christmas Eve.  On Boxing day I finished and sett all of the yarns I had spun before Christmas.  This is what the Gotland with locks looks like now.IMG_1684

It is quite soft and squishy.  Plying it with the merino has definitely made the yarn less scratchy.  I ended up using only 40g of the Gotland batt to spin with the locks.  Here is the rest of the Gotland on its own.


This is 40g.  I shall keep it with the other Gotland I had spun earlier.  Although a little bit itchy, it is still fairly soft and would be nice in a shawl.

I plied the rest of the merino humbug.  It turns out I only used just under 30g to ply with the Gotland.  This skein is about 74g.


This skein is so soft and squishy.  I really love spinning merino.  I am really happy with how all of the yarns turned out and looking forward to using them in future projects.

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