Weaving Books

This list is compiled from my research when I purchased my loom.  Most of them are project based. The downside to project based weaving is trying to find the same or similar yarns, so you may need to think outside of the box in this area.  It is also worth joining some weaving groups on Facebook for help.  There is Weaving Chat UK and Rigid Heddle Looms (mostly US).  There are a few books about tapestry weaving which is something I am very interested in; however, you can make tapestries on a rigid heddle loom, table loom, or floor loom.  The advantages of having a rigid heddle, table or floor loom is that they are more versatile than the tapestry looms and are easier to use because you can adjust the shed with the heddle and you can make longer items.  There are books on Saori weaving, otherwise known as freestyle weaving.  YouTube is also a good resource on how to make things.

Weaving Clothes – I wrote a blog post on books for weaving clothes.

More books on weaving

Saori Self-Innovation Through Free Weaving