Spinning Books

Some of these books were recommended by a FB spinning group that I belong to.

How to Spin (2016), by Beth Smith.  This is a small book that will take you from choosing a spinning wheel to finishing your yarn.  The information is useful with some helpful illustrations.

How to Spin, just about anything (2012), by Janet Renouf-Miller.  A very good book for learning how to spin on a wheel or spindle.

The Ashford Book of Hand Spinning (Revised edition 2019), by Jo Reeve.  I have an Ashford traditional spinning wheel and thought the book might be useful.  Ashford make everything you need to process wool and turn it into yarn.  They are a New Zealand company and so purchasing equipment can be costly, but they are very well made and hold their value.  Parts are also easy to come by.  The book is really informative and there are some projects you can try.

The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs (2012), by Sarah Anderson.  I have this in hardback and the condition is brand new.  I haven’t really had a good look at this book yet as I wanted to learn how to spin first, but I am very excited about it.  It even comes with reference cards to keep by your wheel.

The Spinner’s Book of Fleece (2014), by Beth Smith.  This is a good book on working out the best items to make with different types of wool.  There are many photographs of spun and knitted samples along with information about the breeds.  There is also a section on spinning wool.  Something to have in your library.