The First Weaves of 2022!

It was time to put the Christmas decorations away and also the Christmas hats and scarves.  I needed a hat to go with the handwoven pink infinity scarf I made.  I found some leftover yarns that I had made to weave the scarf with and used them to weave a hat.

Downloads-003It’s great being able to have a matching hat!  I even used some leftover yarn for the warp!  The warp is Hayfield Spirit DK acrylic/wool blend and all handspun for weft except the pink fuzzy yarn.

I also wove a hat for the hubs to match his blue scarf.  This is the scarf I made him below.  It is made with the same DK Hayfield Spirit, but in blue.


I used the same warp as above for this hat.

Downloads-002I used two dark blue yarns (one commercial) and two light blue of handspun for the weft.  The hubs is really happy with his hat as it is very soft, and it matches the scarf.


This is the warp for the next hat (and the first one I made this year).  I used a grey single ply wool and a cotton/alpaca blend wool boucle (made in Peru and purchased from a charity shop).  I used the 5 dent reed for this one as the yarns were chunky.  The other two were woven with a 7.5 dent.

DownloadsI used a mixture of commercial wool yarn, some of the boucle, and handspun for the weft in shades of grey and blue.  I had to make the width wider as the heddle holes were bigger.  I have been aiming for approximately 12 inches for the height of the hat, which is the width on the loom.  This makes the hat a bit more snug.  Because there were some big gaps in the weave due to the thinner bits of warp I gave the hat a soak, a spin, and tumble on low for a few minutes to tighten everything together.  You are not meant to wash the hats, but I braided all but the last section of tassel which I tied off and then finished off the hat once it had dried.  This hat is the softest and fluffiest of the three as the boucle blend is so wonderful.  That was a great bargain!  I made this hat for a friend who is a bit poorly at the moment.  All I need to do is put a label in.


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