Spinning Kid Mohair

Mohair is a fiber that comes from the Angora Goat.  According to Wikipedia: The Angora is a moderately small goat, standing about 50–55 cm at the withers. It is slender, elegant and light-framed; the head is small, with semi-lop ears. It is usually horned; in billies the horns are commonly twisted, long and strong. With the exception of the face and legs, the animal is entirely covered in a coat of long ringlets of fine and lustrous mohair. This is not goat hair as seen on other breeds, but the down or undercoat which, in this breed only, grows much longer than the outer hair coat. The face and coat are normally white, but – particularly in southern Turkey – black, brown and grey animals also occur.

These goats are also really very cute.  You just want to cuddle it

Angora 002.jpg

I received 11g of kid mohair from Benridge Woolworks.  The micron count of kid mohair is approximately 24-28 which makes it very soft.  Benridge sells a 100g batt of mohair for £10.  I think the kid mohair is more expensive and is why I only received 11g.  WOW sells it as roving for £5.20 for 100g.


The first thing you notice is how shiny the kid mohair is.  Although this fiber is usually blended with something else, like silk or cotton or other fine wools, I decided to spin it on its own.  Mohair feels very soft to the touch, but the actual fibers are quite sturdy.  I decided to spin it straight from the batt.  To be fair, I couldn’t really open the batt, so I pulled the fibers from the side, which may not have been exactly ideal.  I wasn’t expecting much as 11g is not a large amount.   Mohair from Benridge is twice the amount of kid mohair roving from World of Wool.   The micron count of kid mohair is approximately 24-28 which is on the fine side.  The mohair, although slippery and more like hair because of the lack of crimp and scales, made it an interesting spin.



This looks loose compared to how I normally spin yarn even though my single was quite twisty.  There is a nice halo to it and the yarn feels soft. I probably have enough to weave a couple of rows in a scarf at either end.  I should have spun it finer, but it wasn’t really possible.  I shall get some from WOW for comparison.

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