Christmas Present From The Hubs


This was the inside temperature of my house on Christmas day, which is pretty standard.  The surprise was seeing the holly leaves.  We have a smart boiler and it knew it was Christmas.  That is technology for you!  This has now disappeared.

The hubs and I really don’t give each other presents as we really don’t need anything.  However, I asked him to make me one of two items.  I actually got it before Christmas, but thought I would share it now.

IMG_1678This is a reed holder/stand that is from the Kelly Casanova tutorial on YouTube. We had a difficult time finding pine that didn’t break the bank.  There seems to be a shortage of it at the moment.  We found some pine shelves at Ikea that would work, but they were out of stock.  However, you can be asked to be notified when items are back in stock and we got a notification a week later.   Ikea is not that close to us, so the shop needed to be worthwhile and so the hubs picked up a stash of meatballs and other lovely things from the food section while he was there!

The holder weighs a ton.  This is a very sturdy construction.  I decided that I will paint it in the spring when the weather warms up and I can do it outside.  I need to have the corners chamfered or shaped in some way so I don’t catch myself.  We also need to work out if we can put in a hole for a handle at the back to make it easier to pick up if it needs to be moved.  Right now, I have it in a spot where it won’t be going anywhere.

IMG_1679The reeds at the back are for my 24 inch Kromski and the rest are for the 16 inch Ashford SampleIt.  These are all the reeds I need as I really don’t use anything smaller than 7.5 dent.  If I need smaller dent heddles, then I can use the varident as I have enough of the smaller sizes to fill a whole reed now.

The hubs spent a couple of days putting it together as the weather didn’t always cooperate to work outdoors.  He said that the only thing different he would do (hindsight) would be to make the dowels longer in the front so they could go in deeper.  I really love it and my craft/dining room looks a bit more organised.

I made the hubs a Christmas scarf which he has worn a few times now.  It gets chilly on the downs where we live.  He really loves it as it is festive and doesn’t itch.  He is more sensitive than I am!

DownloadsIt is really soft and warm.  The black warp really shows off the hand spun yarns, especially the Christmas blend.  I am pretty much finished making Christmas scarves so if I make anything now it will be for sale as I still have some leftover handspun.  I think it is great to make presents for others.

My son and his wife opened up their presents I sent earlier this year.  They live in San Francisco and it does get pretty chilly there this time of year. I made them felted beanies and other warm items.  I am already thinking of what I will be making everyone next year!

5 thoughts on “Christmas Present From The Hubs

    1. I live in a small house Meg as I downsized, but my crafting has taken over the dining room! I have the reed holder sitting out of the way. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Carol. The hubs is pretty handy! Will look nicer when I get a hole for a handle and it is all painted up. 🙂


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