Spinning The Black Friday Haul

I have finally finished plying some of my Black Friday haul.  Here are the singles.


I mentioned in a previous post that the Fireside and Lynx were really sticky at the plying stage.  The Lynx ended up a hot mess and it took me hours to untangle it.  I wasn’t really happy with the plying as it looked really fuzzy and has not been a problem when spinning the Wingham merino and silk blends.  The difference between Wingham and WOW merino and silk blends is that WOW is 23 micron and Wingham is 21 microns.  If anything, the WOW should have made a better plying experience, but then I did actually spin more thin and consistently than I have done before.  I had no problems spinning the two orange balls.  In fact, they made me happy!  Here they all are, washed and dried.


I am very surprised with the Superwash and Shetland.  They are both really soft and feel nice next to the skin so I will use them for wearables.  They are not as soft as the others with merino, but still, I have found other options for fiber (and cheaper also).  Also, the sticky merino and silk redeemed itself in the wash, so I ended up with a really nice skein of yarn.

So, that’s it on some big spinning until I get my house all ready for entertaining and Christmas.  Once things settle down I shall be back to crafting and trying out new things.  Until then, have a great holiday!  See you next year!