Weaving The Last Christmas Scarf

I have finally finished the last Christmas Scarf!  You all must be tired of seeing these, even though each one is completely different.  It was cold this week so I wore mine on the 1st of December and have been wearing it since.  It is so cosy and warm.

This is the latest.Downloads

There is a little bit of sparkle in the multicolored sections (my favorite parts).  I wove this on the 16″ SampleIt with a 7.5 reed.  I used a green chunky yarn for warp and there is a twisted fringe.  The yarns are mainly Acrylic with some wool.  The scarf can be machine washed on a gentle cycle if necessary.  I made this scarf for my future son in law.  He won’t like it, but hopefully he will have a sense of humour and wear it at Christmas.  I still have plenty of what I call my Christmas colors and will have a go at making another scarf, some v-cowls and neck cowls with the leftovers which will go in my shop.  

I have been spinning up some of the mixed blends I purchased in my Black Friday deal.

IMG_1580All of these will be going in my next big project.  I spun up 500g of singles in two days.  I actually enjoyed spinning these.  Each one was different.  I noticed that my spinning is actually getting thinner.  I started plying them today.  I plied the Marrakesh first.  This plied really well.  I then plied Fireside.  I found the single very sticky to get out of the center and at some point I had to cut the yarn and rewind from the outside of the ball.  The Lynx was really sticky also and half way through plying the ball split in two.  It looks like a hot mess at the moment and so I have taken a break to blog and will have another go tomorrow.  Once I am finished plying them all I will show you the finished yarn.

Some good news on the selling front; I sold 4 items in the last couple of days.  I sold two little wet felted neck collars and two vessels on my eBay shop.  I had to go out and get a couple of boxes for the vessels.  That made me realise that boxes make shipping costs more costly, and so I have now removed the rest of the vessels I had listed previously except for one very small one.  

One last thing.  I thought I would share some of my felting in situ.


If you look carefully, you can see two of my wet felted Christmas stockings.  My son and daughter in law have got their first tree for their new house.  I can see some more felted ornaments will need to be made in the future.  I shall probably start making some after the New Year! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Weaving The Last Christmas Scarf

  1. The final scarf is a wonderful Christmassy blend of colours.

    Good news about the sales!

    Packaging is costly – the only way to keep costs down is to make everything you sell fit into one size box then order the boxes in bulk.

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    1. Thank you and yes, that is a lesson about the boxes. Better not to send anything in boxes! This is why I will only be selling the vessels myself or at craft fairs! It isn’t actually so much the cost of the box, but the postage! I shall stick to small things from now on!

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