All The Christmas Scarves, So Far!

I’ve just finished a couple more Christmas scarves.  I waited until I had a few to make it worthwhile using the washing machine on the spin cycle and tumble dryer. I thought I would share them all to show you the progression.

  1.  This one is for me and I made it into an infinity scarf which I enjoy wearing more.


2)  This one is made with mostly handspun in a plain weave.  It will go to one of my boys. Downloads

3)  This one has a Scandinavian feel to it.  It shrunk more than I expected due to the 100% wool warp, so I turned it into an infinity scarf.  This one is for sale.Weaving 2021-009

4) I used a chunky black warp here.  This one is for the hubs and has his seal of approval.  He also has sensitive skin but is happy to wear this.  I love the black warp and how it makes the colors pop.Downloads

5)  As I love the white warp so much, I tried again, but this time with a superwash merino and nylon DK yarn.  This one has bobbles, but only in the handspun Christmas blend sections.  There is still a lot of texture, but not too much.  This one is for my daughter in law.Downloads

6)  This one was made on a 7.5 dent reed.  Once it was finished, I was a little concerned about how red it was.  It looks very different to the scarf I made for myself which also has a red warp, but was made on a 5 dent reed.  It really does make a difference in the dent.  However, this one actually looks better after finishing and the red is not as overpowering as in the photo.  It is still really soft.  I made this one for my daughter.Downloads-006


7)  Although these scarves are woven freestyle, there is an order to the colors in all of them. I only pulled out bobbles on the Christmas blend.  I also left some fringe on the side in the Christmas blend.  The blend had the chubbiest spirals and I think they are really cute.  This one is also going to one of my boys, just don’t know which one yet. Downloads-007

8) This one below is the latest one I finished over the weekend.  I decided to go for checks.  This scarf was originally going to be for my future son in law and therefore decided to make him one with commercial yarn only.  I know that he won’t like any Christmassy scarf that I make, so I wasn’t going to use my best (or expensive) yarn or my homespun.  This is just how he is, picky, but he would wear it in front of me, so I am ok with that.  I used a variegated red, white and green yarn with sparkle in the warp and weft.  This scarf is not as heavy as the others, but it is nice and very sparkly.  I would wear it.  Unfortunately, I think it is too sparkly for the future son in law.  So I will be giving it to the future daughter in law instead and will make a less sparkly one for him.  I really like how this turned out and I like that zig zag look the variegated yarn made.  I will warp the next one in the same colors, but without the sparkly yarn.Downloads-008

So, I really have one more to make and then I am done. 🙂

I have had a full 30 hours of work under my belt and still have time to do a little spinning or weaving as I am only doing 6 hrs a day from home, and I can start and finish early.  So I feel that I am in a win-win situation at the moment.  It makes a nice change.  So, how is everyone doing with their Christmas makes?

2 thoughts on “All The Christmas Scarves, So Far!

    1. Thanks Meg. They can also be Hungarian scarves or Italian or any other nationality with a red, white and green flag! 😉 Some of these are for next year as I already sent my presents to the States, but I was on a roll. I might make some needle felted baubles for next year unless someone has a baby or needs a blanket!! I have some work on now, so glad I got most of it out of the way! 🙂


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