Christmas Scarves, Three Warps

I have been making more Christmas scarves.  I have been experimenting with different warps.  My first scarf has made it to the banner of Weaving Chat and Supplies UK for the next month. 🙂

DownloadsHere it is above before washing and finishing, and below afterwards and twisting the fringe.

IMG_1436I am keeping this one.  It is very soft and fluffy.  I then warped up the loom with a green warp which was the same as the red – Wendy with Wool Aran.

DownloadsI decided to make this one in a plain tabby weave as I felt I overdid it a bit with bobbles on the first scarf.  This scarf is just as lovely and soft as the first one.  I had run out of the Christmas blend, so I spun up some more.  This time I decided to spin it from rolags to see what difference that made.

Downloads-003Although the yarn is lovely, soft and fluffy, the colors are more muted compared to when I separated the stripes.  I mentioned before that I tried spinning from the fold, but I am too impatient and really didn’t get the hang of it.  I am slowly running out of this wool blend and may need to order more as I have a lot of scarves to make for next year also.  The next scarf I made with a white warp.  I thought I would try the cone of weaving yarn I purchased from World of Wool that was on offer.  I used the 7.5 dent reed for this as the cone yarn is thinner than the Aran (used 5 dent).

Downloads-002I think I like this colorway the best.  It looks very Scandinavian.  I only put in a few bobbles in each color.  I expected some shrinkage as the warp is 100% wool, but it shrunk more than I would have liked.  As a scarf, it would only suit a petit person or a child.  However, it does make a perfect neck cowl.  I turned it into an infinity scarf.  So, that is what you do when the scarf ends up shorter than you would like.  This scarf is not as soft and cuddly as the others.  The warp is made with downs wool and feels just a wee bit itchy for me.  I would wear it, but only as long as necessary, unlike the previous two.   I have really sensitive skin.   For the next white warp, I have a natural superwash merino DK yarn I purchased from Chester Yarns.  I finished all three scarves together in diluted hair conditioner and hot water with a color catcher at the bottom of the bowl, but they didn’t bleed.  After rinsing and spinning, I popped them in the tumble dryer on low for 10 minutes.  I warped out each scarf to approximately 90 inches long (maybe a little longer) x 10 inches wide.  The green warped scarf is the longest.

Weaving 2021I shall be trying a warp with all three colors and figuring out other ways to make the scarves in different color combos.  The possibilities are endless.  If you have any ideas, please share.  Which one do you like the best?


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