Spinning Silky Fibers

IMG_1393You may recall that I recently got these merino and silk lap waste from Wingham Wool Work.  This is the first time I ever got a batt with my roving and it was a dream to spin.  I didn’t spin the green at the top left as I already have a large amount of this roving that I spun from a previous order, and nor did I spin the two with red.  So, these are the singles I spun below.

IMG_1409I like to spin with what I call the ball ply method, otherwise known as center pull ball plying method. No wool gets wasted as you are basically plying the yarn on itself.  I decided to ply the last ball on the top right with the two in the next row below on the left.

IMG_1415I really like how the pink and brown look together.  Brown goes with every color as all three primary colors mixed together make brown.  Here are some close-ups.



IMG_1416I love how the pink batt turned out.  This is probably the thinnest yarn I have spun yet.  I really enjoy spinning the lap waste.  You never know how the yarn is going to turn out.  The yarn is so fluffy and soft you just want to cuddle it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Spinning Silky Fibers

  1. I love all the colors! I will have to try to center pull ball plying method. I have tried to divide my fiber into equal weight groups so that it should come out even when plying, but it still never does. I guess due to me not being good enough to spin them exactly the same thickness.

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    1. Meg, you spin them how you spin them. I like this way as I find it easy and no waste and it almost plies itself as my singles are quite twisty. I saw it on a youtube video! 🙂

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