Weaving A Christmas Scarf And Other Stuff

Let’s start with the other stuff first.  I went to my second guild meeting this year.  There were more people at this meeting than the one in August.  I missed the one in September as I was in The Lake District.  Since I joined the guild, I have only been to 5 physical meetings!  This time I brought some weaving with me.  There was no speaker and was just a social event.  This was really nice as we were able to sit and chat and catch up with each other.  Some people were spinning on wheels and there was a group with their spindles.  Some ladies were knitting or crocheting.  There was one lady with a Kromski 8″ Harp loom.  It is so cute, but quite expensive to buy from new compared to the Ashford 10″.  Even the Kromski Presto 10″ is more expensive.  The ladies at my guild do love their Kromskis.  I am looking forward to using mine once I get some projects out of the way.

As the doors to the hall were going to be open to let in fresh air, I wore my v-shawl over my down vest.DownloadsI wore is more like a ruana, like the photo in the center.  I had made a scarf brooch and used it to keep the front closed.  I have to say that it kept me warm all day.  I’m wearing it now as I type.  I really like it, but I think I would prefer to have a proper ruana as the back would be longer.  Another project for the future.

My friend Anna came and we had a good catch up.  She went to The Knitting and Stitching Show that took place at Alexandra Palace.  There is a video she took if you want to have a look.  The textile art was simply amazing.  With any luck, I shall go next year.  The next meeting in November will be about spinning and demos by members.  I volunteered to show people how to make felting batts and rolags on the blending board.  Since I got the drum carder, I don’t use the blending board much and will need to practice.  I plan to make a vest in autumnal colors, so I can get started.  There are lots of videos on YouTube on how people use their blending boards.  I watched a few and got a few ideas on how to use some of the merino and silk lap waste (which is mostly spun into singles right now).

This is what I was working on at the guild.IMG_1402I used a 5 dent reed.  My warp is a commercial Aran weight yarn by Wendy.  It is 80% acrylic and 20% wool.  I bought a 400g jumbo ball in red and one in green as they were on offer.  It should last awhile!  I just finished the scarf today.

DownloadsThere are lots of bobbles in this one.  The Christmas blend was a lovely thick and thin yarn and I pulled up all of the thick bits.  You can see how plain the other side is although there is still a lot of texture.  I haven’t finished the scarf off by washing yet as I am waiting to make a few of these and do them all at the same time with a color catcher.  The sari silk that I add to my yarns will bleed in warm water and I don’t want to ruin the lovely and sparkly white.  Therefore, I will give them a good soak in cool water, give them a spin, and then pop them in the tumble dryer for 10 minutes.  This should close the gaps and set the bobbles.  I did something a little bit different here.  I used the warp yarn as weft for the first and last inch as a nice little border as it was fairly chunky.  It also makes it easier to hemstitch.   I am still not sure if I will leave the fringe as is, or if I will use the fringe twister.  I plan on making more Christmas scarves using different colored warps.  I have green, white and someone suggested that I try black.  It will be interesting to see the difference the warp colors make.

This is my first ever Christmas clothing accessory I have ever made.  I don’t do Christmas jumpers as I find most of them a bit naff, but I would be happy to wear this scarf.  Ho Ho Ho!

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