Freestyle Weaving a Monochrome V-Cowl

IMG_1391While I was waiting for my Christmas Yarn to dry, I warped up the loom with my hand spun merino and alpaca yarns.  I used the 5 dent reed as my yarn is chunky.  The days are getting a bit cooler now and so I wanted a monochrome cowl to wear all day.  I prefer the cowls to scarves when at work.  I still have plenty of black and grey yarn that I spun and used in the monochrome scarf.

IMG_1395I had some bumpy novelty yarn I picked up in a charity shop that I wanted to use in the weft.  I also used some mohair boucle from World of Wool and a couple of other commercial wool blend yarns I had in my stash along with the rest of the hand spun.  I really love how it turned out.  I left the fringe natural as the yarn is quite chunky.  I put a knot at the ends of the light grey ones as they are alpaca and don’t felt and because they started to unravel.

Here is the other side.

IMG_1396I used the no sew method of connecting the scarf to make a v-cowl.  I still have plenty of grey and black yarn to make another scarf and will most likely weave another to sell at some point.  There is no hurry for making anything at the moment as Christmas and birthdays are all sorted now.  That is a good feeling to have. 🙂