Spinning Christmas Yarn and Other Woolly Wonders


I mentioned before that my Christmas Blend finally arrived.  I had spun something similar that was in the lap waste from Wingham and it turned out to be leftovers, so if I wanted more, I needed to order my own custom blend.  Joanna at Wingham told me how to make the order.  The green is a brighter green than what I had previously spun, but I really like this blend.  I have been watching videos on how to spin blended fibers, but I am not a bit fan of spinning from the fold.  I separated out the colors as best I could and spun the single.


I also made a bright red merino batt with sari silk fibers, glitzy merino and viscose and a white batt with natural white merino, lightning merino, sari silk fibers and viscose and Angelina.  The red and the white are quite sparkly, but you can rarely see that in a photo.  I spun approximately 100g of the Christmas blend.

IMG_1387Here they are hanging out to dry.  The hanks are really soft and fluffy.  I just want to cuddle them as they are so squishy.

IMG_1398Here is a closer look.  I will be winding these straight onto the shuttles.  I love these coils.  Because I spin twisty yarn, this is how it ends up.  I love it.

Because I didn’t have enough shuttles, I had to order some more.  I had previously purchased some on eBay, but I noticed the prices have gone up, so I ordered some from Wingham which were less expensive and better quality.  At the same time, I ordered two bags of merino and silk lap waste.  This time my order arrived in a couple of days.  If you are ordering lap waste, it is best to order no less than two bags as you will sometimes get the same wool in both bags.  This means that you will have more of the same wool to spin a decent amount for a little project.  This is what I got.

IMG_1392Here we have 21 micron merino ends in solid colors.  I will be adding these to batts in the future.

IMG_1393These are the rovings with silk.  A lot of these were in both bags, so I just added them together.  I also got a lovely carded batt.

IMG_1394This batt is so soft.  As you can see, there is a lot of stuff in here.  We have silk and sari silk fibers.  I don’t know how many times this has been carded.  I decided to have a go at spinning it right away.

IMG_1397I didn’t do any special prep to the batt to make it easier for spinning, but just pulled out a few fibers and got going.  This is probably the finest spinning I have ever done.  It was not intentional.  I decided to carry on this way as I was really enjoying myself.  I love the tweed effect that the sari silk makes here.  I just need to ply it and see how it turns out.

So that is my spinning for the week.  I will keep you posted.


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    1. Hi Meg, that batt was so lovely to spin and I am looking forward to plying it soon. I get my lap waste from Wingham Wool. I buy the merino/silk blend so I know what I am getting. You can also get lap waste from World of Wool, but you never know what will be in it. 🙂

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