Spinning, Weaving and Some Felting, Finally!

I have been back from The Lake District for nearly two weeks now.  The first week being back from a holiday was one of catching up with myself and doing laundry.  I also needed to make the (belated) birthday scarf for my daughter and I also finished the monochrome scarf for her fiancé.   I have now wrapped and packed up everything that I will be sending to the USA for Christmas.  I need to do this early as the post can take ages.  It will all get posted out in November.

This past week has been one of applying for jobs and signing up with new agencies.  I also sold two reeds that came with my new (to me) Kromski loom.  I really don’t intend on weaving with anything under a 7.5 dent reed, and sold the 12.5 and the 15 dent.  This almost pays for two new ones I purchased.  I also sold a second heddle block set that came with the Kromski.  It was an Ashford that had never been used, but it didn’t fit on the Kromski.  I ordered a second heddle kit for the Kromski from Wingham so that I can do double width weaving.  I am looking forward to trying double width weaving once I have all of my Christmas projects out of the way.

The weather this past week has been mostly wet, and a little chilly, but not chilly enough to wear a scarf.  It is also not warm enough to craft outdoors.  I love spinning and weaving outdoors and hanging out with the dogs and is why I love summer.  Summertime is for outdoor pursuits.  Now that the weather has changed, I feel more inclined to do a little bit of felting.  I still had one more present to make.


My eldest moved into a new flat, so I thought I would make him a couple of placemats (I made some for the others, so only fair).  I already had the coasters and decided to make placemats to go with them.  There is actually more turquoise here, but the camera doesn’t like it.  I made two as my son is in a very small apartment.  There was no way that I was going to be able to replicate the coasters exactly as I didn’t have all of the colors.  I used the same dark navy blue for the base of the coasters and mats.  The white is mulberry silk.  I did the layout and rolling one day, and then finished the mats the following day.  It went really quickly and I am happy with how they turned out.

While the felt was resting, I spun up the last bag of orange variegated roving from DHG as I decided that I wasn’t really going to use it for the felting project I originally planned.  As much as I love felting, I am being very selective about what I want to make.  I also needed to ply some yarn that I spun earlier this summer.


I was supposed to chain ply this jumbo bobbin, but I realised that I really don’t have time for that right now and I wanted to use the yarn for a weaving project sooner rather than later.  I don’t actually know how to chain ply, so I am going with what I know.  I separated out the colors and made cakes on the wool winder so that I could ply all the purple together and then all of the green together.  It was a bit of a faff, but it got done.

Here is all the yarn hanging out in the sun to dry.

The orange weighs 102g, green 112g, and the purple is 170g.  I didn’t work out the yardage, but then I don’t really need to as these will be used with other yarns.  I am trying to keep my life simple at the moment.  In one of my spinning books it said that most people spin two ply yarn most of the time.  As my yarn is not thin, and I spin quite twisty, I am ok with this as I get a really balanced yarn.

I then remembered that as I am not making Christmas themed items to give as gifts this year, I still wanted to make something for other family members in the USA and so I whipped up a scarf in a day.


Although I still have a fair amount of my monochrome yarn from the scarf I made last time, I decided to go with something simple and to try out some new yarn I had purchased in a sale.  I used reed: 7.5, warp: King Cole Merino Blend 4 Ply – Superwash 75% and Nylon 25% – Black, and weft: Erika Knight Wild Wool – 85% Wool and 15% nettle viscose single ply – Meander.  The grey is on the bluish side.  The Erika Knight wool is very easy to work with, however, I didn’t find it as soft as my merino homespun, and for me is a little bit itchy.  I may have mentioned before that I have sensitive skin and never really liked wearing wool next to my skin, except cashmere, until I started working with merino wool.  I finished off the scarf by soaking in hot water and some conditioner and after spinning I popped it into the dryer for 10 minutes on low.  The scarf is a lot softer now, but I still prefer the merino.  I have another skein of this yarn in light grey, so if I use it in another scarf, I will weave with it at the beginning or end where it will not sit on the neck.

My custom blend wool order arrived.


This is 500g of 21 micron merino wool and silk.  I call it Christmas blend, but it can also be called Hungarian blend as it is the same colors as the Hungarian flag.  That’s a nice coincidence.  I will start spinning this up and see how it goes.  I have an idea for a scarf. 🙂

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  1. Lovely to hear about the changing face of your weaving. You are really steaming ahead and teaching yourself all these fantastic things!
    Keep enjoying the journey! ❤️

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