Freestyle Monochrome Scarf, Woven With Alpaca Hand Spun Yarn

A while back I spun up a whole load of alpaca that came in a mixed bag of wool from World of Wool.


Apart from the brown skeins, I have finally gotten around to using them.  Here are the cakes I made for my latest scarf.

IMG_1351The bottom three are pure merino, but I didn’t use the middle one, which was the natural grey 23 micron as it is a wee bit hairy.  All the rest are alpaca.  I warped the 16″ loom with a superwash merino 75% and nylon 25% sock yarn in a 7.5 dent reed at 10 inches.  This was the first time I used a black warp.  What a game changer!  It certainly makes the weft yarn pop!


The photo above is after washing and a quick tumble dry.  Although I did a plain tabby weave, there is nothing plain about this.  The scarf is full of texture.  I didn’t pop out any chunky bits as this scarf is for someone probably even more fussy discerning than my daughter.  This is where you can see how the yarn really does all the talking.


I did use a very little commercial yarn in the weft.  The white is a 100% wool that I purchased from a charity shop.  I didn’t feel it was soft enough for anything wider than a few rows, but it makes a nice accent.  I also had two other black, white and grey mixed commercial yarn in wool and other fibers to use as contrast with the solid hand spun.




Although the scarf looked lovely with a loose fringe, I decided to twist it as the warp is superwash and the ends didn’t felt.  I was concerned that the fringe would untwist over time.  Besides, they were quite thin.

The scarf is extremely soft and warm.  The alpaca also has a nice sheen to it which you only notice in the sunlight.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t any when I took this photo and it felt cold enough outside to wear the scarf!  Well, it is October.  I still have a lot of this hand spun left over for another scarf or two so I may make some more cowls.  In the meantime, I have some felting to do! 🙂

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