Spinning Wool in Different Microns

I had recently ordered some mixed blends from Wingham Wool Work and decided to spin them all up as I have put a hold on weaving for a little while.


The thing about spinning some of the mixed blends is that you never know how it is going to turn out.  I ordered, from left to right: Nunkeeling, Kilnsley, and merino and silk in green.  I love how all three of these could be used together.  This is 300g of 21 micron merino and silk.  I then went through the rest of my stash to work out what other mixed blends I had and found two 100g bags of Papaya and one of Chimney Sweep from DHG from their Sugar Candies collection that are now discontinued.  These are very subtle blends of 19 micron merino only.  I initially purchased them to be used in making nuno felted cobweb scarves.  I still have one bag of the papaya left, so I may still do that.  I also had some small amounts of the World of Wool 23 micron in humbug (the lighter grey) and in natural grey.  The fibers in the natural grey are very short compared to the others and it is a little bit more fuzzy.

Micron count does make a difference as to how soft your yarn will be.  The DHG is the softest, followed by Wingham and then WOW.  However, all of these are very soft and fluffy and quite strong.  I find that when I spin straight from the roving in worsted style, I get a more consistent yarn and I tend to spin more thinly.  I doubt I will ever spin super thin, but I am happy with what I produce.  Even though the yarn has a nice twist in it, it is still a well balanced yarn.  I am really pleased with how they all turned out and am looking forward to weaving with them real soon.