Another Freestyle Mobius Neck Cowl In Autumn Colors, With A Pop!

I still had some leftover hand spun teal and decided to weave it all up.  I also still have a fair amount of the Ella Rae in Verdigris and Goldenrod.  I needed to think about another way to weave the same colors.  I remembered that orange is the complement of blue and red is the complement of green, so since teal is a blue/green, I thought I would use coral for some pop.  Last week I spun some merino hand dyed yarn that I thought I might over dye.


I am not crazy about the color of this skein, but I love how nicely it spun and it is very soft.  I thought I might try it as warp with the teal home spun I had recently used.   This is how it looks in the warp.IMG_1188

Where I had used the chunky wool from Wow, I replaced it with the coral. I started with a large section of Verdigris followed by a 1-2 inch section of Goldenrod, followed by the teal hand spun and so on.  I wanted to use up the teal hand spun to make room for more yarn.  I finished off the scarf with a large section of Goldenrod.


This is the scarf straight off of the loom.  It is 37 inches long without the fringe.  The weave is very loose.


I hand washed the scarf in warm water and Woolite.  After rinsing I spun it in the washing machine and then tumble dried it for 10 minutes on low.  You can see how the weave pulled together.  ‘They’ call it a bloom.  I love this method as my yarn doesn’t end up felting and still retains the texture of the yarn.  This is sooo soft.  I rewet some other pieces and did the same and it has really made a difference.


This is my latest mobius neck cowl.  I only twisted the superwash warp.  I left the hand spun warp as is as they looked so lovely and only tied a knot at the end of each one.


I am always amazed at how a warp has an effect on the weft.  I made three different scarves using the same weft, but the different warps affects the colors and they all have a different attitude.

I love all of them!