Freestyle Woven Scarf In Autumn Colors

IMG_1110I have been spinning a little bit of these bundles every day and have now filled up the whole jumbo bobbin.  Now we wait until I learn how to chain ply.


I am left with a fair amount of green bundles as I used 4 purple to 3 green.  I shall spin them on their own and add to my green stash.

I started a new scarf on the bank holiday and finished it over two days.  I purchased two skeins of Ella Rae organic eco tweed which are 75% merino and 25% Polyamide thinking they might be good for warp, but they weren’t.   I got them on offer from The Wool Factory.  I bought one in Goldenrod and one in Verdigris.  The wool is very soft with a tweedy effect and makes for a lovely weft.  I liked the two colors together, but as the yarn is thin, I didn’t feel I had enough to make a long scarf.  I had spun up a fair amount of blue-green/teal and decided to use that with the Goldenrod as my hand spun is chunky in comparison.



I also used this small skein of hand dyed 23 micron merino for weft.  It is very soft.

For the warp, I use King Cole Riot DK in Foliage, which I purchased from The Wool Factory.  I love the colors on this and it makes for lovely stripes in the warp, but I don’t recommend using it for that even though it passed the snap test.  The yarn is 30% wool and 70% Acrylic and is more like a single and is very sticky.  I ended up breaking a warp thread on the right hand edge due to the friction of the reed.  Because this happened near the end of my weaving, I just tied a piece of yarn to the broken ends and carried on weaving.  Once I had finished weaving, I wove another warp alongside the broken one with my needle.  As you couldn’t see the tied ends, I decided to leave them both in.

Here is the finished scarf.  It is really soft and light.  I decided not to block it to make all of the sides even as I like how the thinner goldenrod yarn pulls in a little.  For some of the home spun sections I left a tail.  Because I ply my yarn from a cake made on the ball winder, the end just naturally twists and won’t unravel. 


The scarf measures 9 inches wide x 76 inches long, not including fringe.  I warped 90 inches which is now my standard for scarves.  I started the weaving with the yarn I used for the warp, then the goldenrod and then my small skeins of hand spun yarns.  I alternated like that without measuring until I came to the end and finished with the yarn I used for warp.  After washing and drying, I cut the fringe and used the fringe twister to twist them.  I really love how it turned out as it is really cosy and soft.

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