What Do You Do When Waiting For The Post?

I may have mentioned that I had ordered some yarn over a few of weeks ago from a new supplier and also some wool from Wingham that is now over two weeks late (I am waiting for a particular green).  We are having real problems with our post being delivered.  We haven’t even been getting normal mail.  Couriers deliver quickly, but Royal Mail is being slack for some reason.  I went to the sorting office, but they don’t really know what the problem is either.

The delay is holding me up from spinning the right green.  I know what you may be thinking, but it is true. I used up the right green in felting projects and now I need to spin some up for a weaving project.  🙂  The plan is to make a long shawl and I don’t have enough.  In the meantime, I spun up some other green.

DownloadsYou may have seen this already as I made it a week ago.  I don’t normally use the dark green in my work, but I blended it here with some mid greens and a pale mint.  Because I am running down my stash, it is easier to blend on the drum carder.  This is mostly 23 micron merino with viscose and tussah silk noil.  I think there is also a bit of Glitzy fiber from World of Wool.Downloads-001I made another batt almost the same, but with a bit of 19 micron citrus from DHG to brighten it up a bit.

Downloads-002While rummaging around for more wool to spin, I found some hand dyed merino roving that I had dyed with food coloring.  I forgot to take a photo.  The dyeing wasn’t a great effort and the wool was starting to stick together so I thought I would card it on the drum carder.  The drum carder did its magic and separated the fibers nicely.  I was getting a purple red tone and decided to add some other red roving, viscose and sari silk fibers with a bit of Glitzy to jazz it up a bit.  Although this yarn is rather subdued, it spun nicely.  The dyeing process roughened up the roving a bit and that actually made it spin quite fine, for me.

Downloads-003This batt was made with lots of leftovers from a scarf made a couple of years ago.  There were lots of short pieces, so I added extra roving, viscose, and sari silk fibers.  The color is more red than pink and is quite bright, but this is what the camera wants.  I decided to give the jumbo flyer another shot and this time it worked great.  Not using the last hook for winding on the single and when plying made a big difference and I was able to get the yarn that I normally make on the standard flyer.

I had 117g left of Harmony roving from WOW in their Galaxy range that still needed spinning.  I had spun some of this before and it makes a lovely blue green (but not the right green).  You can see it below.


IMG_1047I spun the whole amount on the jumbo flyer and managed to get approximately 166 yards of it!  I actually counted on my niddy-noddy as I wound it and did the maths.  This is the most I have spun of any one color and it all fit on the jumbo bobbin. I spun the single over two days so not to hurt my hands and I ball plied it in one go the day after. Here it is, jumbo sized!  I had so much that it took a couple of days to dry thoroughly.


I also made a little mobius neck cowl with some leftover blue handspun.

Downloads-004I had some blue yarn left over from the blue scarves I made for family members which I used for warp and leftover art yarn from the v-cowls for weft.  These mobius cowls vary in length from 34-36 inches long, not including fringe.  This one is 36 inches long.  I had one small skein of a dark blue merino textured yarn, a pale blue merino (so soft I almost didn’t want to use it), and a blue with orange blend merino I got in a Wingham mixed bag.  It is the second skein on the left below and is right on the finished cowl above.  The warp changes the look of it so you barely notice the orange. IMG_1008I didn’t want to have to spin up any more blue yarn as space is limited, so I used up what I had.  I also did a very plain weave and didn’t pull up any thick bits like I usually do for a nubby texture.  This meant I got more mileage out of the yarn and I wove with each color until they were finished.  I really like these cowls as they do keep your neck warm and are very light, very much like the felted ones I make.  As much as I love a long scarf, the ends can flap around too much when at work, so these can stay on all day without much trouble.

I also carded up some more batts in green and purple as I have an idea for a scarf.


I had already carded these batts and was going to spin them separately and then I saw a video from my guild friend Anna.  I thought I would give her method a try by spinning two bobbins and plying together as that is what my small spinning brain was telling me.  It would have been tricky, but I think it could have worked so I laid out my little bundles.

IMG_1110This was my original layout plan, but then Anna offered to teach me to chain ply (I would do some more dyeing for her).  I have tried to chain ply with no success, and since a lot of yarn is two plied I didn’t think I would need to know how to do it, so I haven’t persevered with it.  However, and I remember reading about this or watching a video, chain plying can help you keep a pure color when plying a mixed single.  So, I rearranged the bundles into 4 purple and three green.  I have a bit of green left over and will make a small skein with that.  I’ve started spinning my mixed single and will leave it on the bobbin until I learn how to chain ply.

IMG_1111I am really enjoying spinning these little bundles.  There is a lot of shine due to the amount of silk and viscose I added to the mix.  Also, there is a fair amount of texture from the tussah silk noils. I am spinning on the jumbo flyer and hoping that I can get it all on one bobbin.  We shall see.  This is going to take me a few days as I need to make sure I stop when my hands start to ache.

So that is what I have been up to while waiting for the post. 🙂

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    1. It is just particularly bad here right now when it used to be great. I don’t know if it is just Eastbourne or what? I have no work on right now, so I like to keep busy! 🙂


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