Freestyle Weaving and Making Rolags

After finishing my V-Shawl, I warped up the loom with a commercial chunky single on my 5 dent reed.  The yarn is an acrylic and wool blend by Paton and passed the snap test.  This was the first time I used the 5 dent.  

Downloads-001I had a very large skein of this yarn that I had separated into the different colors for using in other projects, so the weft made nice color blocks.  I separated each color with a little bit of handspun and other commercial yarn.  The pale blue is very fuzzy and soft.  I have wet finished the scarf since this photo was taken and just need to give it a light press.  This is another present for a family member.  I asked the hubs if it could be a scarf for a guy and he said that he would wear it, so it is Unisex.

I also went to my first Guild meeting in over a year.  There were less than the 20 people who were meant to show up, but it was still nice to see others and have a good catch up.  I only went to three meetings before we had lockdown the first time so it is a bit of a miracle that I learned how to spin and weave in such a short time.  My friend Anna came and she brought along some lovely art batts for spinning, and she filmed how to stack them and draft them for spinning.  At some point there will be a YouTube video but you can see how she made one here.  There will be another dyeing date in the future in exchange for some more spinning tips.

I brought along some of my weaving and spinning for show and tell and had lovely chats with the others about what they had been up to.  One chap did some spinning and another had some weaving on the Inkle Loom.  One lady was weaving in the round with a carboard loom, a few were knitting and generally we all hung out together for a few hours and had a good catch up.  I saw a travelling Louet wheel which was very cute and easy to put together.  It also has a handy rucksack to store it in.  Another lady mentioned that she had the Ashford e-spinner so it will be a toss up as to what my next wheel will be for taking on the road in the van.  Although we tend to be quite busy when travelling, there is some down time and spinning would be a lovely and productive way to use it.

When I got home from the meeting I was a bit tired so had a bit of a nap as my eyes were tired.  I’m not used to being around that many people at any one time since lockdown, either that or I am showing my age.  I wasn’t in the mood to do any warping and my yarn and wool orders still haven’t shown up.  So I made another spinning batt in 3 shades of green merino with tussah silk noils, viscose, ramie, sari silk fibers and some Glitzy roving from WOW.  I normally give the wool only one pass on the drum carder, but I split the batt, opened it up, and gave it another pass for some stripes.  I pulled off rolags straight off of the drum carder.  The rolags are more sparkly than in the photo.

IMG_1093I the spun them all up on my standard flyer.  There is certainly a difference spinning up the singles on the standard flyer compared to spinning on the jumbo flyer.  I just need to give the jumbo another chance and work out how to spin my twisty singles on it as I am really used to the standard one now.  Here they are all spun, plied and set.

IMG_1098I am really pleased with how it tuned out.  It is actually strong enough to use as warp. I got the twist that had been lacking in the last batch while still having a soft yarn.  You can really see the difference when you hold them next to each other.

I made some more rolags in green, but these have citrus green added, which is more of a yellow.

IMG_1095I left out the silk noils.  This is now spun and ready for plying.  I spun this outside as the weather was nice.  You could see all of the sparkly bits while spinning. I wish the camera could show how shiny and sparkly this is.

As I had the drum carder out, I decided to use some leftover wool from wet felting.  I added sari silk fibers and some viscose.

IMG_1096This batt will be opened up and divided into strips which will then be drafted out for spinning.  This is a blend of red and pinks, in fact all the colors that were used in this scarf.


I then made another batt in similar colors.


This one is made with some merino roving that I had dyed with food coloring last year.  The roving was starting to felt so I pulled it apart and put it on the drum carder.  I forgot to take a photo of the roving, but it really wasn’t anything to write home about.  I added some other colors that were quite smooth with some viscose and sari silk fibers and glitzy roving in pink.  This is quite a thick batt and I will prepare it the same way as the one above this one.  

It seems that my contract ended early, so I will be home for the time being and will get a chance to do some spinning and warp up the loom for another small project.  If I am not going out to work, I might as well be productive.