Freestyle Woven V-Shawl

Well, after four days of weaving, I finally finished my latest project, a V-Shawl.  I have made a V-cowl, but I was ready to go large.  I mentioned that I am making gifts for family members, but this shawl is for me.  I took the opportunity to use up a lot of my hand spun yarn while waiting for a wool order to arrive.  Here is the result.


The fringes were very fiddly to weave and each set took me a whole day.  Once the fringes were completed, the rest of the weaving went really quickly.  I wanted to finish up most of the blue hand spun yarn I made, so I just wove up everything that was on each shuttle.  Here are the yarns I used.

I used a 7.5 dent reed and used the whole width of my 16″ Ashford SampleIt loom.  This gave me 14″ of finished width.  I used the no sew method to connect the panels and added extra fringe.  I kept the fringe on the back really short this time.  I still need to wash and press it, but I was so excited to be finished with it and share some photos.

I also finished it just in time as it looks like I will be starting a new contract this week that could last a month.  So weaving may be delegated to weekends while I am working as I will be getting home late.  This is life as one still needs to work for a living.