Spinning, Weaving and Trying Something Different

DownloadsHere are three of the four scarves I wove over a couple of weekends.  I made two in the blue as the hubs really liked it, so I had to get another skein of yarn for him.  I used Hayfield Spirit by Sirdar which is acrylic with 20% wool.  They are soft and can be washed in the machine on a gentle cycle.  I love how this yarn makes lovely patterns.  I have loads of it for warp.  You can see that I twisted the fringes.  My fringe twister from Ashford finally arrived and it is a game changer for finishing scarves as it makes it easier on my hands.  These are all for family members.  I really prefer to weave with my hand spun yarn, but these will do as presents and the weaving went really quickly.

My daughter is letting me weave her a scarf with my hand spun yarn for her birthday.  This is a very big deal as my daughter has never wanted one of my felted scarves as they are not plain enough for her taste.  Considering that my freestyle weaving is not plain, this is a big deal.  I know green is one of her favorite colors but I don’t have a lot of green in my stash.  Heh!  Well, not the right green.  I have had to order some more wool.  Luckily, Wingham was having an offer.  My daughter likes green – like grass or park bench which are colors I didn’t have.  In the meantime, I spun up some darker greens that I had.

IMG_1071I I spun these on my jumbo flyer.  The skein on the left is the alpaca, shetland and silk blend and the other two are merino, viscose and sari silk fibers that I carded on the drum carder.  Although I have three very soft and fluffy skeins of yarn, they are not as good as my previous efforts and cannot be used as warp.  I didn’t get as much of a twist on these as I would have liked and I think that could be because art yarn is not very twisty as a general rule which may have something to do with how fast the flyer puts in twist.   If anyone can shed some light on this, I would be grateful.  I have now put my original flyer back on the wheel as I need to spin up some green.  By the way, I finished these off together and the dye from the sari silk bled into the shetland mix!  I don’t really mind this, but something to remember next time.

While I am waiting for my green wool to arrive, I warped up the loom.

IMG_1067This is a wool sock yarn with some nylon.  I have been using my 7.5 dent heddle for everything so far until I start using my home spun for warp.  Although the sock yarn is thin, it is also very strong.

IMG_1072This took me all day to do.  I thought it was a good idea at the time.  I am not going to say what I am making right now, but I need to do this twice.  I have now finished one piece and have warped up again.

IMG_1074I ran out of the sock yarn for my warp.  I miscalculated how much I would need for the first piece and used more than required.  I used the Hayfield Spirit to finish off.  As this is a freestyle piece, I am not concerned about using the different weights of yarn.  Anything goes!  This is all ready to go and I will need to weave some more triangles today.  This is going to be a long process!