Spinning Some More Striped Roving

Spinning yarn keeps me busy.  ‘They’ say it is good to spin a little every day.  After my spinning marathon, I found some more roving in my stash.

IMG_1030I went through all of my boxes and pulled out most of the stripey roving.  I still have a whole lot more of the green in the middle.  The green came in a mixed bag and I must still have about 100g or more of it left over.  I also used up some DHG stash in extra fine merino, 19 micron, in the reds.  I have some more stripey DHG, but I will be using them for cobweb scarves, which was the original intention.  The WOW roving is 23 micron and although very soft for yarn, is not the best for felting scarves.

IMG_1045The hubs found a great place for my skeins to dry.  They were still a bit damp, as I put them outside a bit late in the afternoon.  At least they weren’t dripping wet!


The biggest surprise was how soft the hand dyed yarn is.  I don’t know what micron it is as I dyed it a long time ago with food coloring and didn’t document it.  I have a fair amount of 18 and 23 micron merino roving in natural white, so it is one of those.  I also found some more hand dyed red roving, but I shall wait a while before spinning that up.  My hands are telling me no!

All of these yarns are soft and squishy and pass the neck test, which I how I can tell if it is soft enough to wear.  Although I am spinning better these days, I don’t want to lose that ‘edgy thick and thin beginner yarn’ look to my spinning (someone on one of the spinning groups on FB called it that).  It looks so lovely in my weaving and would just end up looking like commercial yarn otherwise.

I have some weaving projects I need to get started on for family members, so that will be the priority over the next few weeks.  I will keep you updated!