Freestyle Weaving a V-Cowl, My Way

I came across the V-Cowl by pure chance on YouTube.  If you do a search, you get some nice tutorials on how to make one on the loom in one piece.  I have every intention of making one this way, but I couldn’t see how it would look good with the commercial yarns for warp and my art yarns for weft.  I would just end up with a very thin section for the V shape as the final weaving is done with the warp threads.   If you look at the videos, the loom is warped for a pattern and the warp and weft are similar weight.  I am not putting in any links here as there are a quite a few videos to look at so you can get what I am talking about.  When I eventually do it this way, I will use one of the variegated yarns I have used in my earlier weaving projects.  Although there is no real reason to make them as in the videos, I like a challenge, and it really isn’t too difficult to do.

As those of my followers know, I am a big fan of the felted triangular shaped scarf.

DownloadsWhen it is chilly, I will wear one of these all day and barely know I am wearing it.  So, you can see how the V-Cowl appealed to me.  So, I spun up a lot of blue and turquoise yarn to make another cowl.  

IMG_0962I didn’t have enough shuttles, so I made some out of cardboard.  They won’t last, but they will do what I need them to do until my order arrives.  They are easier to use than the wooden spoons and dowels I used for the pink scarves!

IMG_0965I had a skein of Hayfield Spirit in Waterfall and warped up the loom with that along with a chunkier yarn from Bergerac that was really cheap (I bought 4 skeins) at my local store.  Either of these yarns would make a lovely warp on its own.

IMG_0966Here we are straight off of the loom.  It is 35 inches long even though I measured for 36 inches.  I am guessing that it pulled back on itself a bit from the tension that was on the loom.  This is the second time this has happened, so I will need to add more than I think I have next time.  In any event, it doesn’t really matter for this type of project.  The photos don’t really do the scarf any justice as the phone wants to make it more blue instead of green and you don’t really see the shine or sparkle in the homespun.  It is so pretty in person.

DownloadsHere are the sections so you can see the details.  This is before washing.  I like how I made stripes and squares.  The pom-poms were fun to add, along with the chunky white art yarn my friend Anna made.

Downloads-001And here is the completed V-Cowl.  I used the no sew method for connecting it like I did for the second Quechquemitl I made and added extra fringe at the bottom of the triangle to make it look like the warp threads.  I like the shorter versions of these.  If I added another 4-6 inches, I could make it a mobius V-Cowl.  Most of the videos on YouTube are for a long version with a wrap around neck, like an infinity scarf, but that seems like a waste of weaving when you can make a smaller mobius one instead as the look will be similar.  There is a video for a short version and is where I got the idea from.  There are many ways to make this.  I would consider adding a fringe all around it next time as it is small.  It is certainly smaller than the Quechquemitl  I made and I added fringe all around that!

IMG_0881There is a lot of fringe here!

I am currently making another scarf with the blues as I have plenty left.  I will most likely make another V-Cowl, but with a long fringe all around it.  It is nice to have options.