A New Color Scheme and Some New Yarn

This last week was all about spinning and yarn.  I am currently waiting on some equipment for my spinning wheel and weaving loom.  It is taking longer than expected.  In the meantime, I have to make do.  After spinning and weaving all of those lovely pink yarns, I decided it was time to move on to another color.

IMG_0942Can you guess?  I had a look at my stash of blue yarns that were either purchased and homespun.   Although I have a fair amount of blue, I don’t think it is suitable for weaving as I initially purchased them with felting in mind.  The only thing to do was to make some yarn.  I pulled out a lot of blue roving and my drum carder.  Some of the small bits of roving were starting to felt on themselves.  You can combat this by giving them a light spray of clean water and popping them in a plastic bag before sticking them in the microwave for about a minute.  You can then fluff them up afterwards and it makes it easer to spread the roving apart to put into the drum carder.  I hate waste and would have just saved these for some felting project or they would have ended up as dryer balls.  This way they can get worn.


I made six batts.  They are made mostly with 23 micron merino as I was trying use up my older roving and leftovers, but I also used 21 and 19 micron for the colors I needed and for a softer yarn.  I added viscose, silk noil, tussah silk and sari silk fibers.  One of the blue batts has some glitzy roving added for a bit of sparkle.  The two mini skeins were made with WOW’s Northern Lights Range Mixed Bag.  I split each color into 4 lengths for spinning.  I really like spinning with tops.

IMG_0961Here are two more skeins that just finished drying.  One is from the very dark navy batt and I pulled off a meter of Wow’s Ice Cream.  I have had the Ice Cream for some time now and never used it in my felting.  I thought I would try spinning it to see how the colors would work out.  Although I think I spun up a decent yarn, I didn’t like spinning with it as it is very slippery.  I don’t have this problem with merino usually, but the milk fiber makes it a challenge.  Also, you can’t really see the pink in here.  We will see what happens when I start to weave with it.  These are both really soft though!

After the excitement of discovering how the warp can really have an effect on the colors of the weft, I thought I would order some warp yarn.  As I stated before, a lot of my yarn stash is not suitable for weaving as many of the fibers are fuzzy and not strong enough.  The yarn needs to pass the snap test.  Literally.  I really like the Hayfield Spirit yarns that I used to make the blue scarf and ponchos.  Unfortunately, my local store doesn’t carry the interesting Hayfield colors, so I set about ordering some more and for less money.  Sock yarn is meant to be very good for warp as it is quite strong and is usually blended with something other than wool to make it even more sturdy.  So, this is what I got delivered this week!

DownloadsI even got a free mug! I may have overdone it a bit, but I think I have enough here to keep me going for some time.  The prices from The Wool Factory are very reasonable and the Hayfield Spirit was much cheaper than buying at my local store.  They were also having a sale.  The two tweed yarns (blue and green) in the lower right did not pass the snap test.  I was a bit disappointed as I thought they would make a nice warp, but they will also work as weft.  I already caked the blue one to add to my selection for the next project.

IMG_0960So, this is what I shall be working with, plus the two other skeins that just dried.  The homespun are the two rows on the right.  While I was spinning, I gave my loom a wax.  It should have been done before putting it together, but I couldn’t find my wax at the time.  In any event, we are all good to go now.  I am really looking forward to weaving with this to see how it turns out!

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