Freestyle Weaving Mobius Neck Cowls

What is a Mobius?  It is basically a flat surface made into a loop, but with a twist.  My recent infinity scarf is NOT mobius.  It is just a continuous loop.  Because it is very long, you have to put the twist in.  I decided to make a mobius cowl with the leftovers of my art yarn.  As the twist is already in, you can just pop it over your head without having to faff around.  This was going to be my test as it is not very big.  It took me an afternoon to make and I needed to get over my fear of washing my weaving.

IMG_0926I warped up the loom with what I now call my rainbow yarn, but is actually called Sundown.  I know that all of these colors would go with my yarns.  This time I was just going to focus on a plain flat weave, where possible.  The full scarf is on the left hand side below.  You can see that the yarn does what it wants to do sometimes.

DownloadsAs you can see, this is mostly plain weave.  The scarf is approximately 10 x 35 inches.  I washed the scarf in warm water and Woolite and then let it dry in the sun.  Washing made a difference to the weave as it closed a lot of gaps to make a denser fabric.  I used the no sew method of connecting the ends, but before I did that, I gave it a twist and joined the wrong side to a right side.  Funny that since the scarves are reversible.

IMG_0931Half of the fringe is on the inside of the scarf.  I haven’t twisted them as I am still waiting for my fringe twister to arrive from the supplier.  However, for the sake of photography, I hand twisted one side.  It is a bit of a faff, but the effect is really nice.  I wasn’t really liking the fringe before I twisted them as I didn’t feel that the warp colors looked right as fringe, but I like them now.  I think one needs to know when to twist or not to twist.  I didn’t for the ponchos.

You can see that it isn’t always necessary to twist the fringes.  Twisting the fringe on the ponchos wouldn’t have looked right. 

Because l liked the mobius scarf so much, and because I still had a fair amount of hand spun left over, I warped up the loom and made another scarf.  This time I warped the loom with the same Hayfield Spirit, but in Sweetpea, which is what I used in the center of the warp for the long infinity scarf I made.  You can just make out the colors on the fringe below.  It ranges from a light pink to a deeper pink.  I think I bought the last one in my local shop as I noticed it was unavailable online in most places.


The full scarf is in the middle.  As well as my own hand spun, I have been using some of the Manos del Uruguay yarn I had in my stash.  Most of it is off-white with other colors, but the warp helps it blend in.  I used it at the beginning and near the end of this scarf above.  I love weaving with it as it is very soft.  Unfortunately, it is quite expensive, so I will need to wait until they go on offer to get more.  I used it to make my faux fur collars.

IMG_0317I didn’t realise that it was a superwash merino when I originally felted with it and is probably why the collar is very soft and not stiff like the other yarns when felted.  That was a complete fluke.  In any event, I have been using it in small amounts on all three of the freestyle scarves I made so far.  Here is my finished mobius scarf, #2.


I left the fringe so you can see what the warp looked like and because I am going to wait for my fringe twister to arrive.  As I was making these scarves, I noticed what a difference the color of the warp made to the weave.  I used the same yarns as weft in all three scarves and they all look different because of the warp.

Downloads-001The long scarf had a warp of mainly purple, with some pinks and blue, the second scarf had a warp with rainbow colors and the third scarf was mainly pinks.  The third scarf is definitely more subdued compared to the others.  They all feel very soft and there is a nice shimmer on them due to the silk, viscose and some sparkly fibers I used in my spinning.  I love them all!  It is going to be difficult to part with them!