Spinning The Colors I Need and Other Things I Did This Week

I am off work again this week, so I am making the most of things.  If you want to keep up with what I am doing, I am on Instagram and post photos on my FB page.  After making the bright poncho, I decided to make another one, but in more muted colors.  The colors are shades of green to pale cream, but the camera wants to make it grey, so for the life of me, I can’t get an exact likeness on my camera phone.  The greens do have a grey undertone which range from a soft sage to deep fir.  It is much more attractive in person.

IMG_0901I put this together using the no sew method.  Although a bit more time consuming than sewing a blind stitch, it is very effective and looks really nice on the inside.  The fun bit was adding the fringes on the long edges, heh.  I wanted the fringes longer this time, about 3 inches.  I made my strings about 9.5 inches long to pull two of them through the edge and tied a knot using a crochet hook.  I don’t know the name of the knot, but it is how you do the no sew method for attaching the sides.  I trimmed the fringes down to 3 inches as I went along.  They are never coming off.  I am really pleased how this one turned out also.  It is going to be a gift.

I am a member of Weaving Chat UK on FB.  Members there have been very helpful when I ran into issues with the bright poncho.  In any event, they are using it as a banner for one month!

Capture15I am quite chuffed about that.  It is nice to be complimented on one’s work.  I am really enjoying this weaving lark.  I can also do it outside when the weather is nice.  Although I have plenty of this variegated yarn to keep me busy for some time, I decided that I want to make something of my own.  I have plenty of yarns that I have for felting and that can also be used for weaving.  As I went through my stash, I realised that the yarns were rather plain.  They were originally purchased with felting in mind.  So, I decided to make some yarn.  I do have plenty of roving after all.  I pulled out the drum carder and made some spinning batts.  Making batts is almost as much fun as spinning yarn!


I guess you can tell what the color scheme of my scarf is going to be!  I went through my stash of pink roving, viscose, locks, sari silk fibers, silk noils, flax, Angelina, and any other pink stuff I could find, and some purple, to make the batts.  Unfortunately you can’t see the sparkle in these.  I made batts in various shades of pink and changing it up a bit for each one.  I will be using these in-between what I already have.  I didn’t take photos of the batts for these bright pink skeins.  However, I did make more batts in lighter pink.  The lighter batts don’t have any sparkle.  I just used viscose and sari silk fibers to add shine and texture.  There are also some locks and silk noils.  They look like cotton candy!


Here is is all spun up.

IMG_0909I love how it feels, soft and squishy.

I also did a bit of dyeing this week.  I had ordered some blue dye from World of Wool when I did a Woolly Wednesday.  Silly me forgot to get blue when I ordered a lot of dye last year.  I now have all of the primary colors (red, yellow, blue), plus magenta, turquoise and black.  That is all you need to make every color.  The magenta and turquoise make an amazing purple.

So, you remember this great collar I knitted with Teeswater locks?


It now looks like this.


I have always wanted to dye this piece as the natural locks don’t go with my coloring and hair.  In fact, it looks a bit like my hair.  Also, although the locks were washed, I thought they could have been brighter.  There is an article in the recent issue of Felt Magazine (Australia) where someone had used dyed blue locks to felt a collar and it looks amazing.  So, I went for it.  It took a lot of dye and surprisingly exhausted all of it.  Why surprisingly?  Because blue dye doesn’t always exhaust, nor green or anything that may have blue in it.  That is my experience.  So I am really pleased that the rinsing was minimal.  There are some touches of green here and there and I think that is where the dye may have reacted with the color of the locks.  The dyeing hasn’t affected the feel of it either.  It is still so soft and cosy.  I can definitely see myself wearing this in the winter.

While I was dyeing the scarf, I decided to dye some of the offcuts I saved in the making of it.  There were lots of little fluffy bits that I had cut off at the top of each lock after it had been knitted to make it more even.

You can see how white the tops are in comparison to the rest of the locks.  These white tips are close to the skin and are the cleanest part of the sheep wool.  You can also see how the blue dye really took up here in comparison to the lock side.  I dyed the offcuts in the microwave.

IMG_0910Here they are all ready to add to another spinning project.

And last, but not least, I warped up my loom.

IMG_0914Luckily the weather was nice as I had to warp it outside as the warp is longer than my table.  I started weaving and should finish it soon.  One of the nice things about weaving is that it can be done outdoors.  I usually kick the dogs out of the house when the weather is good, so they were glad of the company.  I am really enjoying weaving with my own yarn.  The scarf should be finished soon, and that will be another post. 🙂

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