My Wet Felting Future

IMG_0731This is the last thing I wet felted, and it is just a sample.

I have been thinking very hard about how I will be taking my crafting forward.  I took up painting and drawing when I moved down to the SE coast.  Apart from one art class in High School and some craft items that were made in summer camps when I was young, I was never really an ‘arty’ person.  I was into sports.  Although I took up knitting in the early 80’s, I wouldn’t say that I am a knitter.  I can sew, but I am not someone who sews regularly.  I wouldn’t have classified myself as a maker, but someone who can make things when required.  I was just over 50 when I took up painting and I immersed myself into it for about 10 years and then I discovered needle felting.  I haven’t made a painting since and I have some unfinished works that stare down at me in my work space/dining room.  I feel guilty when I look at them.  I stopped needle felting as I had no space to keep my items and I only sold a few.  I then took up wet felting as I liked the idea of creating useful items to wear or have around the house.  I never thought of selling my items, but some thought I should and I have managed to sell scarves and bags from Etsy and eBay and on my Facebook page.  In the few years I have been wet felting, I have learned so much and can see a progression in my work.  Lockdown has been good for me in that I had a lot of free time to take advantage of, and I was able to create something nearly every day.  I took online classes and watched a lot of YouTube videos.

Since the ease of lockdown this year, I was able to have someone show me how to spin yarn and make sure my wheel was ok.  I was told to spin a bit each day and that is what I have mostly done.  The problem is, what does one do with all of that yarn?  Some of it is not soft enough for wearables, so knitting with it was out of the question, so I thought I might try weaving and making wall hangings. Here is some of the yarn I have spun.  I am still waiting for some Alpaca to dry that I spun this weekend.

Spinning 2021

As you can see, although my spinning is getting finer on the singles, I still end up with what is considered a chunky yarn when it is plied.  It is also a bit thick and thin, but I am ok with that.  I never ventured into spinning to make yarn like you can get in the store.  I think that this is just how I spin.  It should be great for weaving.

I researched weaving and tapestry art, bought a few books, and decided to buy a small loom.  I now am the proud owner of an Ashford SampleIt 16″ loom.  It is not very wide, but it is wide enough to make wall hangings and I can even make scarves with it.  This is the first item I made on my loom.

Downloads-003This scarf is made with one skein of yarn.  I bought an extra one, just in case, but one was really enough, so I can now make one for my other son.  This was pretty easy to do and is the kick-starter to what is to come.  I didn’t have enough home spun to make a scarf, but I am working on that.   I am pretty hooked on weaving right now and started another project.  I have also been busy with work the last few weeks, so that has also gotten in the way of crafting.

I keep meaning to do some felting as I need to complete some projects by September, but it isn’t something I can really do outside now that the weather has been somewhat nice.  However, I can take my wheel outdoors and spin yarn and I can also do my weaving outside.  It is something I have been doing lately as the weather has been pleasant.  This means I can weave or spin and keep the dogs company too.  It is nice to have options and neither of these past times are particularly messy.

Although I will try my hand at most things, unfortunately I can’t do everything and something will have to give.  I have decided that some things will have to go such as some of my art supplies.  If they don’t get used, they can go off.  I haven’t given up on painting, but I had a go at printing and as much as I enjoy it, I do not love it as much as painting.  This is how my thought process works.  I enjoyed needle felting, but I do not love it as much as wet felting, so almost all of the needle felting stuff went.  I just have a small box for needle felting.  Now, I do love wet felting, very much, but I have too much product that hasn’t sold.  I made loads for a craft fair that never happened and have been told recently they don’t know when they will start again.  So, the only things I am making right now are items for the family, or if I want a challenge to try something new (as I am all about trying new things), until I manage to sell off a lot of my stock.

I have also banned myself from buying more fiber.  I have more than plenty and it needs to be used.  Spinning has given me more options and I will be putting my hand to making art yarns which I can use in weaving.  If I do buy fiber, it will only be wool as I want to go back to the basics and keep the other bling fibers to a minimum.  I really need to use what I have so I can reclaim some space.  I have also been thinking about ways to incorporate felting into weaving, so there are a lot of ideas buzzing around in my head.  I am also still waiting on equipment so I can incorporate those ideas.  The delays are not a bad thing as it meant I can add items to my order that I hadn’t initially thought about.

So that is where I am at right now and why I haven’t been felting much.  I have done so much felting that I am enjoying a break from it and learning new things instead.  It is said that a change is as good as a rest.  So if you are here just for the felting, please be patient, I will get back to it! 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Wet Felting Future

  1. Completely get where you’re coming from! Some many wonderful crafts to do and so little time!

    Plenty of people sell their yarn on Etsy – if you have any left over from your lovely weaving that is.

    Our wet felting gets put on the back burner when we frequently sidetrack to a drawing/painting/sewing project, but we’re happy with that.

    Go with the flow and enjoy yourself.

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    1. Thanks ladies, I am enjoying the new stuff right now, especially as I can also do it outside when the weather is nice! 🙂

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