Woolly Wednesday Freebie and Weaving a Quechequemitl

Firstly, I have been working as a receptionist at a law firm these last two weeks.  Upside: it is a couple of blocks from where I live and the money is good.  Downside: The phones are relentless, customers are edgy and it is just exhausting.  Upside: The contract is finished.  I wasn’t just answering the phones.  I also had to take card payments and scan and upload documents, so it was rather full on.  It certainly made a change from working in the public sector!  I was also able to pop in and see the dogs on my lunch break and sort the laundry out!  I even got a chance to get a little weaving in on my break.

IMG_0842On Monday, I set up the warp before I went into work.  On my lunch break, I tied it all up.  It wasn’t until I was doing that, that I realised I missed a slot and so I just carried on.  One of my books gives trouble shooting advice, but I didn’t see anything about how to sort this out, but I may have an idea in hindsight.  It will probably be a faff.  This is the same yarn I used for the blue scarf, but in a different colorway.  I am going to make a quechequemitl or a small poncho.  Although the loom is 16″ or 40cm wide, the piece is going to be narrower than that.  I was aiming for 45 inches long for each piece, but the first one came out at 43 inches as my shuttle would no longer fit through the shed.  I did add enough yarn, but a lot of it was at the end where it was tied off.  I need to work that out better next time for the next one as I won’t need a long fringe.  It is surprising how much yarn can get wasted, but it can then be reused and added to art batts or longer pieces spun into the art yarn.

IMG_E0846Although the colors are quite bright on the warp, the weft calms it down a bit and makes a lovely pattern.  At this point I have done about 19 inches.  I was measuring as I went along and put little markers of yarn on the side.  I kept track with pen and paper.  It was so lovely outside, that I finished off my work in the garden.  Not something I can do with my felting.

IMG_E0847This is the finished piece and all from one skein of yarn.  It is about 13.25 inches or 34cm wide.  You can see where I had the gap.  I am going to see if I can spread the fibers out a bit so it won’t be noticeable.   Maybe it will sort itself out when it is washed.  In any event, this one is going to be mine. 🙂  By the way, I got this idea from one of the ladies in the FB weaving group, but hers was made from hand spun alpaca and was a bit wider, 20 inches.  We will just have to see how it goes when the other piece is finished and everything is sewn together.  I had some other issues as I don’t think my warp was tight enough and I ended up going over more warp threads than intended.  Fortunately, there is a fix for that.  The weaving didn’t go as smoothly on this piece as it did on the first.  I shall warp up the second piece and then leave it as I want to do some felting for a change.

I didn’t do any spinning the last two weeks as work really took it out of me and I spent time weaving instead.  However, World of Wool are doing the Woolly Wednesdays and this week they were giving out a free 250g bag of fiber if you spent £50, which is so easy to do.  I know that is not an excuse to go and buy more fiber, but I have a wish list of items I wanted and some of them were on offer, so it was a good time to buy.  I also got some blue acid dye that I forgot to order the first time around and a cone of Southdown yarn for weaving.  Here is my freebie:


The top row is very soft and silky and I am assuming that they may be merino.  The white is a nice piece of sari silk fiber.  I will need to make a felt sample with the top row to make sure I don’t have any superwash.  The bottom row is a bit coarser.  They could be corriedale with some Shetland.  I will make some batts for spinning and add merino to make them a bit softer as I now have a plan for my spinning.  Not bad for a 250g freebie.

I have also been hitting the charity shops.  When my daughter was visiting I bought up all the cones of thread that were in one shop, plus a cone of novelty yarn.  The threads will be incorporated into spinning art yarns and the novelty yarn can be used for spinning and weaving.  I also managed to score some silk scarves that were really cheap.  As I work through the projects, I will share some photos.  I have some more work on further afield so not sure how much crafting I will be able to do next week, so the weekends are basically catching up on chores and trying to make something.  Hey ho!  Til next time!


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