Blue Grey Alpaca Yarn


In my last post I managed to spin a whole bobbin of single ply alpaca.  One of the nice things about spinning this alpaca was that I didn’t need to pre-draft it.  It is quite thin, but I am still getting the thick and thin look in my yarn, so it is not very consistent, sort of like me.  It makes for a more interesting project.  I watched a video of a woman spinning her alpaca fleece from her own alpaca and she said that if she wanted it perfect, she would go out and buy it.  She had a point.  I am really enjoying the spinning and find it quite relaxing.

I wound the single on the ball winder so that I could spin it into 2-ply.  That was going really well until the center pulled out of the ball when I was plying on the second bobbin.  It took me about half an hour to untangle everything.  I think I might need to just hang onto the ball for that next time as I had it in one of my felted bowls.  I soaked the yarn in very hot water to set it and when it had cooled, I spun it in the salad spinner to get the water out.  I then thwacked it a few times, something I watched and read about to fluff it a bit and then hung it to dry.  It is really soft and silky and there is a light sheen to it.

I will be rewinding it for knitting, but first I need to work out my yardage.  I am hoping I will have enough to make a small scarf so I need to make a sample to get my gauge and do the maths.

I finally got some more work after about a month off so having the spinning to do in the evening is really nice as I won’t have time to felt until the weekends for the next month or so.  Needs must!