Final Yarn Felting Samples

IMG_0692This is the last of the yarn to be tested.  I lost the label for C, but I do know that there is some wool in it.  I decided to try some of the acrylic that I had used to make a scarf for my daughter.  I have a lot of this left and also in another colorway, so if it works, then I can use it in future felting as I don’t have enough to knit anything else.  I also lost the label for F, but it is 100% British 2 ply wool, very fine.  The handspun was given to me by my guild friend and is made from British sheep breeds and other fibers.  I gave her some roving from a pack I got from World of Wool and she ended up spinning it and gifting it to me, which was so sweet.  It is very thin but there is a kink in it.  Sometimes these types of yarns don’t felt well, but this one did and made a nice squiggly pattern.


We are still damp here.  These are the yarns with 23mic merino in natural white.  I put down the yarns with the least amount of wool first.  I forgot to put the WOW Big Bang down first.  It is a single ply, more like pencil roving.  I don’t know what sheep breed it comes from, but it is a little bit coarse and does migrate through the roving.  I put some sari silk fibers on top for some interest and to couch some of the wool.  All of the yarns stuck to the wool, even the acrylic yarn.

IMG_0694This is with the 18mic in natural white.  The natural wool felted much more quickly than the dyed wool.  I heard that happens.  There is a little section where the green acrylic hadn’t been couched by silk fibers on the RHS.  However, the wool underneath just came up and grabbed it.  So, I have proven that it is possible to felt with yarns with little or no wool content.  I have made a scarf with yarns that contained superwash yarn, but it was sandwiched in-between mohair and other high wool content yarns, so if you want to make interesting edges for your scarves or want to make a yarn scarf, it is a good idea to make a sample first.  It is always good to make samples anyway to see how the yarn will behave.  I will most likely not use the WOW Big Bang in anything other than art pieces as it is too thick for my liking.

I am not finished with making samples.  I just received an order of locks I need to try out! 🙂