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In my last post, I talked about buying some more yarn that was on offer.  This came about when I made the little bag with yarns and locks when I realised that I didn’t have much yarn in blue.  Here we are now with the warmer blue greens.  I have used A, B, D, E and G in other projects and I know that these all will felt in.  I tend to put down the yarns with the least amount of wool in first and then put the other yarns on top of them.  

IMG_0674I used a little bit of viscose and sari silk fibers on top of 23mic merino in turquoise.  I used two layers of wool in traditional layout 10 x 12 inches and ended up with 7.5h x 7w inches.

For the second piece, I used 19mic merino and laid out the same above.IMG_0677I decided not to add viscose and just used sari silk fibers instead. If you compare the two together, you will see that the 19mic merino does not eat up the yarn as the 23mic merino does.  This second piece is 7 x 8 inches


I then decided to try some of the purple and pink yarn in my stash.IMG_0680I have used everything above except for D and F.  I picked up the eyelash yarn in a charity shop and never used it and thought that this would be a good time to do that.

IMG_0686This is 23mic merino in Orchid, from WOW.  It is quite vibrant.  Please note that all of these samples are still damp but everything is stuck on.  The eyelash yarn needed extra help.  I used some sari silk fibers that I laid on top of the yarns.  The sari silk sticks like glue to wool and helps couch the yarn.  This one felted down to 5.5 x 8 inches.  I am surprised that this one didn’t eat the yarn as much as the other 23mic merino.

IMG_0685Here, I used 21mic merino in Raspberry from DHG Italy.  I put sari silk fibers on top of the yarns.  The eyelash yarn stuck better on this piece.  I will have to check everything when they are dry.  The dark yarn at the top and bottom is the Patons color mix which is 75% Acrylic and 25% wool.  I like how crinkly it gets when felted. This one felted down to 6×8 inches.

I have some green yarns I want to test and some natural brown homespun, so I might just try them all on a piece of natural white merino in 23 and 18 micron and that will be the end of these samples.  Why didn’t I test them all on natural white?  Because I don’t use natural white as a base very often and it is good to see how the colors work together.  As you can see on the pink samples, the pink boucle gets lost here.  It would have been better to use the lighter pink boucle that I have for some contrast.  In fact, when using yarns it is best to have a nice high contrast to the wool in order for the yarn to stand out and be a feature unless you are just aiming for texture.


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