Some More Chiffon Scarves

I have been enjoying working with silk chiffon.  It is a very forgivable fabric.  I really like how the fabric crinkles when it has been nuno felted and I like the rough edges.

I sold these two little chiffon scarves to a lady in New Zealand straight from my Facebook page.  It’s nice that they are going to the other side of the world.

I had started another two scarves not long after I made these, but only just finished them.  It is difficult to find time for felting when working full time.

DownloadsI used strips of chiffon and merino wool.  After felting, I dyed the scarves in the microwave with acid dyes.  I used the same turquoise blue to make the green.  These colors are a bit vibrant to what I am used to, but I really like them.  You certainly will be hard pressed to lose them!  I found a couple of beads to add onto the end of the green scarf.  They have that boho feel to them.  Chiffon is perfect to wear in the spring and summer as it is very light and will keep the chill off of your neck.  You also don’t need to worry about these scarves getting wrinkled! 🙂

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