Nuno Felted Hand Dyed Silk Scarves in Blues

171510018_765773847415533_7869560471416831660_nYou may remember this Habotai silk scarf that I hand dyed.  I bought two of these 90x90cm square scarves and dyed one in purples as above and the other was in turquoise and green.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of it.  I decided to cut the green one in half to make two scarves.

Downloads-001I used 18.5 micron merino wool in cloud layout and used viscose and sari silk fibers on top.  There is a frilly edge on two sides.  I love how the Habotai silk crinkles.  Habotai is similar to Margilan Excelsior and has a denser weave than silk gauze which makes it crinkle more.

DownloadsFor the other scarf, I used a different color for the wool and instead of one color of viscose, I used three in a random layout.  I also added sari silk fibers, tussah silk, and ramie.

The scarves are very light and are reversible and will be available for sale soon!

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