Nuno Felted Silk Chiffon Scarves

I am a big fan of Marta Dorofeeva.  She has a unique style of wet felting that does not involve the sander and uses very minimal rolling.  One of her recent videos shows how to nuno felt a chiffon scarf.  I didn’t have any chiffon so ordered some from a supplier on eBay.  It was the cheapest I could find as silk chiffon can be quite expensive.  However, it is very easy and quick to dye.  I had a lot of dye mixed from my dyeing marathon and went with some pinky purples.  You can go to Marta’s YouTube channel to see how quick and easy these scarves are to make.

I first cut the silk 110 x 90cm (I had 11m x 90cm wide).  I needed a triangle that was 110cm wide x 90cm deep so I just cut the sides.  I was going to make one big scarf and two smaller ones.  I then cut two more rectangular pieces to use to place on top of the wool.  I dyed the large triangular scarf  and one rectangle in pink, a small triangle and rectangular piece in lavender and the other small triangle in lilac.

Downloads-014I made spirals of wool with a tail in pink wool.  I didn’t have enough of pink chiffon to use on top of the wool, so I had to dip into the purple one also.  When the wool shrinks, the chiffon on top of the wool crinkles and makes ruffles.

IMG_0602Here it is all finished and styled.  The scarf is very light and perfect for spring and summer.

A lot of time was spent working on the edges and the silk pieces on top of the wool.  Some areas also needed cutting.  I will make more of these as they are easy and fun to do, however, I would most likely make a spiral circle to get a better frilly edge on the top and make them look more like flowers.

I had two more triangles left, but much smaller.

IMG_0608I used lavender wool to match the scarf and I had a little bit of the lavender silk left over with offcuts from the pink scarf.  I put some lavender viscose on top of the wool around the edge which gives a nice shine and texture.

IMG_0607I didn’t have any more dyed silk pieces, so I just put viscose on top of the wool instead for the lilac scarf.  The viscose is very shiny and you can see a little bit of contrast between the color of the wool and the slightly darker viscose.  I like both versions of these and it just shows how versatile one can be.  These types of scarves can also be made with cotton gauze.

I am keeping the pink one for myself! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Nuno Felted Silk Chiffon Scarves

  1. Arlene,
    These scarves are beautifully feminine and very pretty. I love the delicate flowers which do make the scarves really soft. I know you’ve added an area of wool just above the bottom of the scarves, does that leave you with raw edges?
    I was thinking of trying my hand at making a scarf with my silk chiffon and your design has given me inspiration! ❤️

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    1. Hi Carol, yes, the scarves have raw edges, but I like that boho look! There is a line of wool along the edges to help give it stability and to help the shrinkage along the straight edges. Have fun with it.

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