Nuno Felted Square Scarf

Hey, I am actually going to show some process photos! As you may know by now, I am very interested in what I refer to as the lamination technique of felting.  It is not for the purist, but if you want really light, warm, and flexible felt, this is the way to go.  Lamination consists of sandwiching wool between fabric or other fibers or a bit of both.  With this method, you can use very little wool to achieve a beautiful product.  The Russians are very big on this method for felting wearables.  I recently came across a video for nuno felting a square silk scarf.  There is no dialog, but the written instructions on the video are in Estonian.  There is no translation feature, but you should be able to figure it all out.  I was inspired to make my own version.  The link to the video is here.   I just happened to have two square scarves that I was wondering what to do with when I chanced upon this video.  I call it synchronicity.  The scarf in the video has a fringe, and as much as I love a good fringe or tassels on a scarf, I was all fringed out and decided to go with ruffles instead.

Here is my scarf.  It is one that I hand dyed recently and is 90x90cm square.  I purchased quite a few scarves from Rainbow Silks when they were on offer.  This is Ponge 5 and not ironed below.


I ironed the scarf and laid out the wool on the dry scarf.  Once the wool was all laid out, I added viscose, sari silk fibers, hand dyed viscose, hand dyed silk laps and hand dyed ramie fibers.

IMG_0588I was aiming for a one inch border.  I tidied and trimmed everything once it was all wet down.  I then sanded, and continued with the felting and fulling process.

IMG_0590Here it is all dry and waiting to be ironed.  If I were to make tassels, they would be on the left side.  As you can see, the scarf is no longer square.  That is because the most shrinkage occurs in the direction that the fibers are laid out, and in this case they horizontally.  Tassels would make the piece look more uniform.  Here is the reverse below.

IMG_0589I love how the wool migrates through and crinkles up the silk.  The finished size is 50x59cm.  The coefficient for shrinkage is 1.8 on the width and 1.52 on the length.  I could see where I was thin in some places for wool, so it is important to get an even layout.  In this instance, it isn’t noticeable, nor does it detract from the quality of the product, but shall be noted for next time as I would like to make more of these, and with a fringe.

IMG_0591 Here is a close-up of my fibers.  What looks like curly locks in pale green is actually the ramie fiber that I hand dyed.  It is a sturdy fiber and can probably be substituted for locks on a layout like this.  This was the first time using it, so it is nice to see how well it stuck to the piece.


DownloadsHere we are all ironed and styled. I will be adding large snaps to two of the corners instead of a magnetic clasp.  You really only need one clasp as the scarf is so light.  As you can see, the scarf can be worn a few different ways.  I really love how it turned out and I also love how the sari silk fibers bring in pops of bright colors.

I shall be updating the Etsy shop again and will be putting this one in the shop soon.

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