Wet Felted Shawl in Ocean Colors

I have been looking at different ways of felting shawls.  My favorite shawls are more like large neck warmers and are triangular in shape.  Like the one below.


I also really like the French Scarves and I wore one today as I started a new work contract.  You never know how comfortable the office will be.  Unfortunately, you couldn’t really see it as I was covered up in PPE protection.  I also had my first Covid test, which I passed, even though I had the first jab.  So all is good here.

I have been watching a lot of tutorials by Irina Panova.  She makes the most beautiful scarves with flower motifs.  They tend to be big, but they are absolutely stunning.  She is a true artist.  I watched one of her videos on making a triangular shawl with a twist.  I would wear more shawls if they weren’t so bulky, but I had a go at making this one.  I found a few technical issues with this video and there were times I couldn’t see what was going on so clearly, but it all turned out in the end.

IMG_0521-001I made about 70 of these fringes.  That took some time.  I only used water.  The mat you see is a drawer liner from B&Q, which is similar to the one from Ikea, but more readily accessible and a bit cheaper.  The nearest Ikea is over an hour away from us. The drawer liner makes rolling fringes and rope very easy and I find it better than a roller blind.   It turned out I have more than enough and I could probably make another scarf, but a slightly smaller one.  I didn’t take process photos as you can watch the video to learn how to make this.


I managed to take some photos before I went to work.


I love the rounded edges and the curve in the neck.  With a straight triangle, I always end up with a collar.  Some people like that, but think this way drapes better.  The shawl is really soft and flexible and can be worn many ways.  The plain side is just as lovely as the decorative side as you get a nice gradient in the color transitions.  I think this one is going to be a keeper.

5 thoughts on “Wet Felted Shawl in Ocean Colors

  1. Arlene that is such a stunning shawl! I watched her iris video and while I didn’t figure out how to translate the language I followed her method (almost). In the end she created such a fantabulous flower.

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    1. Thank you Carol! There is a translation feature in the settings wheel on the lower right of the video. Sometimes you can find one there, and others not. The camera is right on her, so it should be easy to figure out. I have been watching all of her videos!

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