Spring is in the air!

It is officially Springtime, even though it is still a bit chilly outdoors.  I can tell things are warming up as I haven’t had to switch the heating on in the middle of the day.  Although it has been fairly windy, which is what one would expect at the seaside, we have had a fair amount of sunshine.  All of this sunshine had me thinking of flowers and bright colors.

I came across some different ways of making templates for mittens.  My original template is quite large even though I have reduced it several times, but it requires a considerable amount of rolling and shrinking to get a decent fit, even though I am only using one thin herringbone layer.  Here is a link to the video I watched for making a pair of nuno felted mittens.  I wasn’t sure that by adding only 3 cm around my hand drawing would be sufficient, but I managed to get a decent pair of handwarmers out of them in a very quick amount of time.  I think it took longer to lay out the wool and design.


I decided to make a thin pair of handwarmers to go with the beanie I recently made.  I used 18.5 micron merino wool in natural white.  It is decorated with viscose and some mohair yarn with chopped up bits of prefelt from some brooches I made.  They are very light and flexible and are perfect for walking the dogs this time of year.  I am really pleased with how they turned out and so will make a pair for my daughter-in-law to go with the beanie hat I made as they are thin enough to wear indoors.  She lives in San Francisco, so it doesn’t get super cold there although interestingly the weather can be quite cool in the summer due to the currents along the coast.  If I want to make a thicker pair of mittens, I will most likely go back to my other template as I will need to make sure that everything is really well felted.

Since I made the tulip fringes last week, I thought I would have a go at making brooches.


I also had a go at making Irises, which were quite a challenge.  I am always one for trying new things, and these were fun to make, but they can also be time consuming.  I used mostly 23micron merino for the tulips as I was wanting to use up leftover wool.  It is more challenging to make flowers with a stem, than just a flower head.

I am starting a new work contract this week so I won’t have much time for felting during the week, but needs must and it will be nice to earn some money. 🙂