Making Viscose Paper

I spent this past weekend making viscose paper.  The most difficult thing about making it is the laying out only because it can be time consuming if you are making large sheets, which I did.  I made mine with just soap and water, but you can use sugar water, cornstarch, and other things.  Soap and water is easy.  You just need to use a lot of soap.


Look at all the pretty colors.  I have been using viscose in a lot of my felts recently as you can make a nice, flexible item with a bit of texture and shine.  I have been adding it to the inside of hats to help with the itch factor.  By using viscose paper, you can cut out designs that will keep the crisp edges.  I have been wanting to make some art pieces and get a bit more creative when laying out scarves and hats, so the paper will be really useful.  These are dry and will last a long time, but you can use the paper when it is still damp, which is a good thing if you run out of a color and need more and don’t want to wait.  A hair dryer will help speed up the process. 🙂


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    1. The Russian feltmakers use it a lot as it is quite cheap to buy. Cheaper than wool or silk, and you can use twice the amount of viscose to wool to make a lovely shawl. They usually sandwich the wool between viscose to make a light and flexible fabric. It also creates lovely texture or you can have it smooth and shiny. I buy mine from DHG in Italy as the colors of viscose match the wool. You can also purchase from Lena Archbold here in the UK as she is a distributor. WOW only sell it in white.

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  1. Not sure if my original comment got through so here I go again. Is making viscose paper like making silk paper in that a paste can be used? Questions – how much viscose did you use per sheet?
    How do you lay it out meaning do lay it out on bubble wrap and how many layers did you use? I have rough hands and imagine it would stick to my hands, any tips to make that easier?
    Finally where do you get your fibres please?
    Thanks in advance for answering my questions.

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    1. Hi Carol, I shared a video on my FB page that shows you how to do it. There is a translation feature in the settings on youtube. I purchase my viscose from DHG in Italy as you can purchase it in 100g amount and as a member of the IFA, I get an additional 10% discount. Hope that helps.


      1. I don’t think so, but you would have to basically make an order and see what the charges are.


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