Mittens In Sapphire Blue

Making things for family is not so easy, especially as my boys live in the USA and my daughter is up in London.  Lockdown also complicates things.  I wanted to make some mittens for my daughter as her hands get cold and hand warmers don’t do it for her (though she does wear the ones I knitted in the house).  I have a template of her hand and it turns out that we are the same size, so that makes things easier.  Unfortunately, she is a fussy lady.  My daughter has told me that she really likes my makes, but they are too fancy for her.  She likes plain.  I like plain, but I also like things with added interest.  I could make her mittens, but they had to be plain, and they had to be blue.

This is what I came up with.


I used Sapphire blue from World of Wool in extra fine merino.  I used a layer of blue viscose in a similar color on the inside to reduce pilling and also as decoration if the cuffs were up.  I only decorated the top of the mitts.  I used some curls from World of Wool in turquoise.  I am not fond of the curls from WOW, as curls.  However, they are very good for adding texture, so I used the curls with shades of blue viscose and bamboo on top.  I was hoping that some of the turquoise of the curls would peek through, and it did.  The texture is really lovely and shiny.  The wool is very soft and the mitts are strong and flexible.  I love the color!  I have similar colors from DHG, but this is the nicest.  I was almost tempted to keep these for myself, but I sent the mitts off to my daughter this week and she likes them, plus they fit.  Phew!

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