Ginko Leaf Shaped French Style Scarf

I am really enjoying making the French style scarf and finding different ways of making them.  Working with yarns was really quick and fun, and it was interesting to see how the yarn affected the shape and texture of the scarf.   My favorite way is using the fine felt technique with viscose.  Because the fabric goes through a loop, it needs to be thin and flexible.  You don’t need a lot of fiber to make a pretty, sturdy, flexible and warm scarf.  Here is my latest.


I love this color combination.  I used viscose with sari silk fibers on top.  Extra fine merino wool is sandwiched in-between.  I used the same color wool as the light turquoise.  It is important to have the wool similar in tone or color to at least one of your viscose colors so it can blend in when it migrates.  There is no way of avoiding a small amount of migration.

The scarf can be worn in a variety of ways and would look great when worn with a blouse or collared shirt.  As with most things I make, this one is available for sale.  You can contact me on my Facebook page for more information.

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    1. Thank you! I love these blues as they remind me of the sea. I haven’t really felted for over a week and it seems that I am now on a little roll. Sometimes we need a break from things.

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