French Style Scarf With Leaves

I greatly enjoyed making the leaf scarves I made from the Katerina Korshun tutorial I purchased and decided to combine techniques with the French Scarf tutorial that has been quite popular recently.  Here is a long version of the scarf.

Downloads-001This is one of my favorite makes.

Here is my version of the French style scarf, but with leaves.


The scarf is made with two colors of viscose on one side and viscose, silk hankies and sari silk fibers on the other side. Sandwiched in-between is superfine merino wool. The camera doesn’t capture the shine on these grey dull days.

I took particular care with the layout and felting of this piece as I used the same technique as the fine felted triangular scarves I recently made and focused on making nice neat edges, especially around the neck area.  This scarf looks great on a sweater and would also look flattering with a collared shirt.  Unfortunately I don’t have a plain white shirt to display it with, right now.  The scarf is quite thin, but flexible and warm.  The area around the neck is wide enough to keep your neck warm and long enough without being restricting and is perfect for all seasons.  I currently have this scarf for sale on my Facebook page.

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