A New Table Top

IMG_6566This is my dining room table and what my dining room used to look like when it was still used as a dining room.  It is a Danish table that I painted as it was badly scratched.  It also has leaves that extend on either side.  When I am felting small things, I leave the table this size which is about 4 feet long.  Most of the time though I have one end extended which makes the table about 180 cm long.  If I have both ends out, I have approximately 7.5 feet in length, but then I can’t walk around the table to work on the other side.  I always thought one needed a long table to make long scarves, but I have since learned that isn’t so and there are a few methods for working in a small space.  The problem however isn’t so much of the length of the table, but the width.  My table is only 70cm wide and it tapers at the ends.  That really limits me as to what I am able to make as although I can get around working on the length of a piece, I don’t know how to get around adding the width as well.  Some of the silk I have is 90cm wide and I would really like to to be able to use the whole width to make some shawls and ponchos.

So, I spoke with the hubs and we went out to get a piece of plywood to put on top of our dining room table.


We bought a large sheet that the hubs cut down to 180cm, which is the length of the table with one leaf out.  He is going to use the rest for a project.  The width is 120cm which is now perfect for my needs.  The hubs also rounded off the corners so we don’t kill ourselves walking around the table and gave it a good varnish to water proof it.

IMG_0414Here we are in-situ and still drying.

IMG_0415This is bathroom floor underlay that is waterproof and was leftover from a job the hubs did. It is also slightly cushioned.

IMG_0416On top of that is a plastic coated table cloth with checks.  The checks are great as a guide to laying out wool, but the cloth is not entirely waterproof hence the extra waterproofing underneath. I am of the opinion that no matter how much plastic one uses, there is always a leak somewhere, especially when re-using stuff.  In any event, I am really looking forward to working on my new top!

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    1. I am really looking forward to using it. I am surprised at how little space it is taking up even though I gained an extra 50cm on the width.

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      1. I don’t have space in the kitchen for felting and so use the dining table. I bought chair risers for the table which is helpful, and when I am really old and can’t get out of my armchair, I can use them for that! heh!

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