New Candles From Leftover Wax

Warning!  This is not a felting post.  After making my last nuno felted scarf, I haven’t had much motivation to do any felting this past week.  I think I have the winter blues.  I have also been very tired as I don’t sleep very well.  I am sure many of you have felt this way at some point.  Sometimes it is good to have a rest.  On the upside, the hubs and I got our first Covid jab.  Apart from having a sore arm, we are fine, so that is something.

I decided to make some candles today from leftover wax as my candle stash is running low.  I have done this once before.


In the winter time, we like to have a fire and the candles lit on the mantle.  It is very cosy.  I purchased a load of pillar candles the last time I went to Ikea, which was well over a year ago.  The nearest one is 1.5 hours away from us so we obviously don’t go there often.  When the candles are at their end, I save them and put them in a plastic bag.


I had four of these bags filled with leftover candle wax and I used three to make 10 candles.  I like to re-use glass candle votives when I can.  I learned a trick to get rid of the leftover wax from the glass.  You just fill it with boiling water and the wax melts to the top.  It is like watching a little lava lamp.  When the water is cold, the wax at the top of the glass or jar can be popped out.  I made a few different types of candles last year from the leftover wax.  The best ones are in jam jars or similar.  I tried using glass ramekins that you get desserts in, but they burn too quickly and you still end up with a lot of wax left over.  I thought I would try making my own pillar candles, but I can’t seem to find any large molds for them, so I bought a set of three smaller ones from Proops on Etsy.  They are smaller than what I would like, but they will do.  I also used some glass candle votives.


All of these above originally had a scented candle in them so I know they are safe for candle making.  I just melted the wax in a pot and had two pours.  I used ready made wicks with metal bottoms that I glue sticked to the bottom of the glass to hold in place. The candles with stick wicks make a crackling sound when they burn, but they also discolor the wax.  I am not being precious about the color of the wax here as I will be using these for myself.  It just shows that you don’t have to throw anything out.  I suppose if I was making some as gifts, I would buy some coloring to make them look better.  I will also be able to use half of the stick wicks for other candles in the future.  I added some scent to these, so look forward to seeing or rather smelling how that worked out.

IMG_0411These are my new candle molds.  They do not come with instructions, but there are some on the website.  They are very easy to use and when the candles are completely cold, they just pop out.

IMG_0410The candles are approximately 11cm tall x 6cm diameter at the base.  Not as tall  or as wide as the candles I purchased from Ikea, but they will do.  This batch is on the pink side as I happened to have some leftover candle wax in pink and lavender that were also scented.  With these I also used some cotton string I had as my pre-made wicks were too small.  While the wax was melting, I just dipped the string in the wax to make it easier to get into the mold.    They also sit straighter in the mold this way.

I know that there are many out there that make candles and soap as their business, but that is not where I want to go with these.  I just hate waste and throwing things out.  I made 10 new candles and the only thing I purchased were the wicks last year and a few new candle molds this year.  I even used some cotton string I already had in my stash for the pillar candles.  I used to save almost every glass jar, but I only save certain types now.  As I said before, the jam jars are great for candles and you can put the lid on.  I like the Bonne Maman jam, and the jars are so pretty they make a good present.  You can even use beer or food cans!  Waste not want not as they say! 🙂

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